Silver Line Route now on Metro Maps

by Prince Of Petworth June 2, 2014 at 12:25 pm 32 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I saw this on the train on my way home from work on Friday. Surprised to see it officially posted already, especially since the Silver Line doesn’t open for a while yet. Any idea why Metro would already be putting these up?”

Readers first started spotting silver line signage back in January. But since they are shooting for a summer opening and last week “Metro took control of the first phase of the Silver Line…Metro has up to 90 days for testing and training prior to opening the line for passenger service this summer.”

So I guess better early than late. Or maybe – if you will it, it is no dream…?

  • magpies

    I wonder what they did with the old maps. They’re screenprints and one would look killer on my or anyone’s wall. :)

    • Anonymous

      I bet you can find them next to the “recycled” trash cans at the Fort Totten dump.

      • textdoc

        Actual LOL.

      • Kam

        Well done!

    • saf
  • kook47797

    They’ve been handing out little Silver Line baggies with brochures and info as well. Considering there are 80 something stations and the maps inside each car have to be updated, I’m guessing and early deployment makes sense.

  • jonny ange

    I’m still just dumbfounded at the fact that they are not actually taking the silver line into Dulles Airport, but are going to make the stop be in parking garage 1, from which you’ll have to take a bus to the terminal. Of all the stupid things they could do, that was just about the dumbest. It makes me scratch my head at the purpose of the entire project. Who’s going to take the metro to dulles if, once you’ve arrived, you have to switch to another bus to get to the actual terminal??? what a stupid place to skimp out on spending…

    • It infuriates me that they’re doing such a hack job with this. I still think the silver line should have been underground, but that ship has obviously sailed. You only get to build wildly expensive infrastructure once, do it correctly!
      You can get on Atlanta’s podunk Marta system without even leaving the airport! It’s pathetic that we can’t match that.

      • Anonymous

        You should take care not to commiserate with people who don’t have their facts straight; it makes you appear uninformed by association.

        • The stop will not be attached to the airport itself. I think that’s a missed opportunity. Whether you have to people move or bus there is irrelevant, you still have to find your way and make a connection to something.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, god forbid people walk.

          • Trust me, I am a huge proponent of walking. But this is a hugely expensive, massive infrastructure project. No one is going to go back in 10 years and move the station to the airport. Many people consider Dulles the major airport in the area, it would be nice if it had the transit to match that and I think that easy connections is part of that.

          • Anonymous

            You’ve basically just described every airport I’ve been to. Some are bigger and some are smaller so the amount of walking you have to do can vary. Sure, it would be nice if the metro was literally attached to the terminal; it would also be nice if the airport was closer to my house, but I still use it. Regardless, johnny ange was incorrect, you will not have to take a bus to get to the terminal.

          • Anonymous

            people going to an international airport typically have large bags.

          • I think the overall point is that they had one chance to get this absolutely right, and they dropped the ball on the execution of what could have been a very convenient option for people traveling into DC. (and others, obviously) For many international travelers their first exposure to “DC” is at Dulles airport, why wouldn’t we want to make that a good impression as strong as possible?

          • textdoc

            Agreed with what Justin and Jeslett said.

          • Anonymous

            Except there is no such thing as “absolutely right”, there’s only your opinion. And I don’t see how metro all of a sudden becomes inconvenient simply because you have to walk 5 minutes to get to it instead of 1. Sure it’d be nicer to walk 30 seconds to get to the metro instead of 5 minutes to get to the metro. Even still, it’s probably still the least hassle you’ll find at the airport.

          • Sure, it might be my opinion. But I’m fairly certain if you polled 100 people if they would prefer the Metro that’s currently being built to be placed at the terminal, or someway away from the terminal that you have to walk to, the overwhelming majority would say at the terminal. A 5 minute walk is nothing for me. A 5 minute walk for a great-grandmother traveling “x” hours on a plane from “x” country to visit her relative here in DC for the first time, with a bag that weighs “x” pounds, is a different story. I also doubt that in reality it will be as short as 5 minute walk, but that’s just arguing semantics and ignoring the real point.

          • Anonymous

            Of course people would prefer it, I even said I would too. There are a lot of things that I’d prefer that don’t actually happen, and guess what? That doesn’t make them wrong, and it doesn’t make them bad decisions. Your hypothetical great-grandma is going to have rough time whether the metro is 30 seconds away or 5 minutes – and there’s a shuttle for her anyway! Plus I think after dealing with deplaning, customs/immigration, baggage claim, and a 50 minute train ride into the city, folks are not going to be particularly incensed about the short walk to the metro station.

          • Anonymous

            Nor will the Metro take you directly to your plane. I bet if you polled 100 riders, most would prefer that it did. Nonetheless, the plan is pretty darn good and comparable to the experiences drivers have at Dulles AND that many have at other major international airports.

    • Anonymous

      False. Metro riders will use the same underground moving sidewalks as all users of Parking Garage 1.

    • Anonymous

      “Garage 1 has 4,680 spaces and connects to the terminal via an underground pedestrian walkway equipped with moving sidewalks. Free shuttle bus service to and from the terminal is also available 24/7.”
      Sounds to me like you can walk to the terminal from Parking Garage 1. I’ve never parked there so I don’t know from first-hand experience though.

      • Anonymous

        It’s about a 5 minute walk. Really not that bad and pretty much what anyone who drives to Dulles has to do.

        • recon::decon

          sounds like a shorter walk then it is at Reagan if your flight is in Terminal A. Now THAT is a hike from the metro!

    • Anonymous

      I agree that it’s a stupid place to put the stop, but I (and many others) still take MARC to BWI even though it involves a shuttle bus to get to the terminal. Metro to the parking garage will still be better than the other alternatives for getting to Dulles.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that it would be better if the stop was in the terminal, but many of us take MARC to BWI even though it involves a shuttle bus. Metro to Dulles will still be better than the alternatives.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry for the duplicate. My reply just vanished, didn’t show up and there was no “posting too fast” error so I didn’t realize it had gone through.

    • Anonymous

      I, for one, do not mind walking from the Metro to the airport. Maybe you would like for Metro to take you right to your seat on the plane? #complainers!!!

  • anon

    these have actually been up on the orange line for weeks now. I wonder how many confused tourists have been standing on the platform waiting for the train.

    • Anonymous

      Most if not all of the signage for the Silver Line is already up, in and outside of stations, too.

  • Shawn

    They still have kinks to work out, like this sign in Pentagon City: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BpIMYeiIYAATIna.jpg:large

    • Anonymous



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