Props to Red Line Metro Driver

by Prince Of Petworth June 4, 2014 at 12:10 pm 9 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

“Dear PoPville,

Last night, heading North on the Red Line (towards Grosvenor, etc.), I had the best driver I’ve ever had during a Metro problem (the person struck by a train at Bethesda). My driver, who hopefully can be identified by the fact that we were heading north and arrived at Friendship at approximately 6:04 pm, was outstanding in terms of clearly, audibly and regularly telling his passengers what was happening, what would happen and when things changed. He was clear, sufficiently loud, made regular announcements and provided us with the best information I have ever received during an incident. (I ride the Red line twice a day, every week day, so I have had my share of incidents.) I hope hears how much his hard work was appreciated – I’ve submitted a comment to Metro, but wanted to post it here, as well. Thank you.”

  • HillGal

    I was also on the Red Line during that time, though a few trains behind the OP, and had a great driver as well. Very communicative. Maybe Metro recently rolled out some new training?

  • vannessie

    Similar experience here, may well have been the same train (mine made some comment about the conductor on the train ahead not moving his train at Woodley, and that someone might have to wake him up). Getting information out to people really makes a huge difference in those situations!

  • Ally

    Thanks for posting this. They get a whole lot of grief on a day-to-day basis, some deserved, most not. Good to give them positive feedback when it’s deserved.

  • nevermindtheend

    This isn’t feasible in all situations, but the easiest way to make sure your commendation/complaint is applied to the correct operator is to include the car or bus number when you talk to Metro (as well as the time/route). The car number is on the outside of all the trains and on the ends of each car on the inside; the bus number is on the outside of the bus over the door and on the inside of the bus over the windshield.

  • Anonymous

    Same here, but on the Green Line yesterday, where trains encountered problems at PG Plaza and U Street within minutes of each other. The operator on the SB train sitting at College Park around 4:20 PM was great – explaining the situation and updating us on our train’s status. Should have taken down the car number – will try to remember in the future.

  • sproc

    Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, even an excellent conductor is at the mercy of the PA system in a given car. It pains me when you can hear clear, loud announcements on the platform from the train’s external speakers, but as soon as you step onboard you get barely audible and/or broken audio that no one can understand.

  • Anon

    Nice to hear a good story. I was on the Green Line for the astounding announcement that our train was stopped because of a hit passenger on the Red Line.

  • Metro Poster

    I’m the poster:

    Vannessie — It was probably the same train.

    nevermindtheend — I think I was so relieved to have gotten to Friendship that I didn’t think to get the car number. I did talk to the booth attendent at Friendship; he’s the one who told me the time, line & direction of the train should be enough. I hope it is!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for giving credit where due!


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