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Pools Now Open with Regular Weekday Hours Too!

by Prince Of Petworth June 23, 2014 at 9:25 am 20 Comments


“All outdoor pools are open six days a week, and are closed one day for cleaning and maintenance.”

You can see a list of all pool hours here.

Upshur pool hours are:

“Summer 2014 Hours: Tue – Fri 1:00pm – 8:00pm; Sat – Sun 12:00pm – 6:00pm. Closed on Mondays. 4300 Arkansas Ave, NW”

Banneker pool hours are:

“Summer 2014 Hours: Mon – Wed, Fri 1:00pm – 8:00pm; Lap Swim Mon – Wed, Fri 8:00am – 10:00am; Sat – Sun 12:00pm – 6:00pm. Closed Thursdays.”

Banneker pool – 2500 Georgia Avenue, NW

  • Oh_Sweet_Thing

    That noon opening on weekends kills me. I want to wake up and go spend a few hours there before the crowds start!

    Side note: I’ve never been to Banneker pool (just moved to this part of the city) but I tried to go on opening day and there was a LINE on the sidewalk to get in. Is that normal? Is it like that on most Saturdays? If so, I’m going to just pass on the whole idea.

    Has anyone been to the pool in Eckington? Forget what it’s called, but, it’s just as close as Banneker and it seems like it’s a lot less popular…

    • anon

      harris thomas pool, can be lines out front to get in, mainly because people are usually waiting for all the employees to arrive so they can open. the pool

      • Oh_Sweet_Thing

        So, the Harris Thomas pool gets lines, or Banneker gets lines?

        And it’s usually just around opening time (like 1 pm) waiting for it to open? That’s good, much better than what I saw on opening day at Banneker. Pool was packed, 20-25 people waiting on the sidewalk and a “bouncer” basically letting one person in at a time. It was nuts!!

        • saf

          Harry Thomas. Not Harris Thomas.

    • The line goes very quickly at opening… was the crowd is in there is rarely a line.

      How about Francis Pool. There seems to be far fewer families in that area and the pool has really nice lap lanes.

      • Oh_Sweet_Thing

        Thanks for the rec! Probably a little too far away from me given that there are two good options within a 10-15 min walk.

      • Anonymous

        Shhhhhh, Francis is our secret. Don’t ruin it!
        My issue with Banneker is that the pool deck gets absurdly hot. No shade, it’s a concrete oven. I hoof it to Francis, even though Banneker is an 8 minute walk from my apartment.

    • pwedza

      Banneker pool drives me nuts. They have no dedicated swim lanes and always have 1/3 of the pool blocked off where nobody is permitted. My understanding is they do this to reduce the size of the pool to observe — i.e. not enough lifeguards. THe locker room is filthy. The last time I went (Summer 2012), the pool was evacuated 3 times within a two-hour stretch due to fecal matter.

      No thanks..

    • Anonymous

      Banneker always has a line on the weekends. Only rarely have I seen them actually hit capacity (then you’re waiting for the one-out, one-in policy), but the main strategy to getting in line early is to get a functioning lounge chair. Tons of chairs are broken, and tons of people at the front of the line “reserve” chairs for their friends coming later. There’s also a small canopy that provides some shade, but you need to be in the front of the line to get the canopy!

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone gone lap swimming in the morning at Banneker? Wondering how crowded it gets.

    • kanon

      Me too. I’d drive up there to get some morning outdoor laps in if I could have my own lane. My parents did not teach me well; I don’t like sharing.

  • saf

    Oh yay! I LOVE pool season!

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone showed up to use their lease to get in? Says they accept it. Just not sure if it has to be notarized or am I fine just bringing a copy of mine as it is?

    • Anonymous

      You should be fine with the original copy, you’ll also need to bring a photo ID.
      If you have filed DC taxes, that’s even better.

    • anon

      FWIW last time i was at harris thomas someone was trying to get in with a lease and they said they needed DC ID

  • Anonymous

    Jealous of all you people with outdoor pools in your neighborhood! I usually Metro over to Francis.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone tried Upshur?

    • saf

      Yes. It’s small, rarely TOO crowded, and has one lap lane. Some lifeguards are better at keeping the kids out of the lane than others.

  • Kam

    Rosedale is a couple of blocks over from me. For the two seasons it has been open it has totally changed. It used to be mixed when it first opened and now it is pretty much lily white. I know gentrification has and is taking place but why the complete change as to who is at the pool? I just found it really odd especially given the current makeup of the area.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that’s really surprising. I went a few times last summer and was usually the only white person there.


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