New Metro Fares go into effect Sunday, June 29

by Prince Of Petworth June 25, 2014 at 1:35 pm 17 Comments


“Here is a summary of fare changes that will take effect June 29, 2014:


To view new Metrorail fares for your specific trip, use Trip Planner with a date on/after June 29, 2014.

Fares will increase an average of 3% (about 10 cents per trip). Short trips of 3 miles or less will increase from $1.70 to $1.75 during off-peak and from $2.10 to $2.15 during rush hour.
The maximum rail fare during rush hours will increase to $5.90, from $5.75 today. The off-peak maximum will increase from $3.50 to $3.60.
A $1 surcharge will continue to be applied for trips taken with a paper farecard.
Passes will increase to the following prices:
Unlimited one-day pass $14.50
Unlimited 7-day pass $59.25
Unlimited 28-day pass $237.00
7-day “short trip” pass $36.00


Regular bus fares will become $1.75, regardless of whether using cash or SmarTrip. Today, fares are $1.60 for SmarTrip and $1.80 cash.
Express bus fares will increase from $3.65 to $4.00.
Senior/disabled fares will increase to 85 cents, from 80 cents today.
There are no changes to existing transfer discounts.
The 7-Day regional bus pass will increase to $17.50, from $16.00 today.


Parking rates will increase by 10 cents at all Metro-operated facilities.
Parking rates will increase an addition 50 cents (total of 60 cents) for Metro-operated facilities in Prince Georges County – except at Landover, Addison Rd and Prince George’s Plaza stations


MetroAccess fares will continue to be 2x the fastest rail or bus trip.
The maximum MetroAccess fare will be lowered from $7 today to $6.50.”

  • Anonymous

    I wish they’d do a better job of keeping the fare calculations posted at the stations up to date. Some of them haven’t even been updated since the last fare increase.

  • elizml

    As someone who still rides Metro as part of the federal transit subsidy program, does anyone know if our monthly amount will go up automatically starting in July (for those of us not already at the limit for the subsidy) or will the government make everyone individually request the increase?

    • Anonymous

      My agency had everyone reapply for transit subsidy earlier this month to recalculate the new higher fare. If you didn’t reapply, you wouldn’t get your card reloaded on July 1.
      You should speak with your agent’s Transit Subside coordinator to find out your policies.

    • Anonymous

      Unless your agency transit person has some secret skills, I’m guessing you’ll have to reapply to get the increase. My agency is only requiring it for those wanting to get a benefit increase (so those already at the max don’t have to submit anything).

  • Nope

    Eff this. It’s already outrageous. My (red line only) commute is $3.50 each way.

  • anon

    If I drove every day, parking will now be $100/month. Good thing I bike most days.

    • Nic

      High-five! Biking’s the best.

  • My commute from DC to Reston via metro and bus is about to go up from $4.95 one way to $7.15, a 44% increase, thanks to these new fares and the Silver Line opening. How is this magnitude of an increase acceptable? As excited as I am for this Silver Line, I don’t want it to bankrupt me.

    • Anonymous

      Is the bus no longer an option once the Silver Line opens?

      • Katie

        I still have to take a train then a bus. Now I pay $3.85 for metro to West Falls Church plus $1.10 (with transfer discount) for the bus. As of July 28 when I first take the Silver Line, I’ll have to pay $5.90 for metro to Wiehle Avenue plus $1.25 for the bus. The problem is that now my trip is roughly half rail-half bus, but will become about 90% rail-10% bus, and the bus fare is set no matter the distance.

        What’s really crazy is that $5.90 is the new maximum fare system-wide, and it kicks in at Rosslyn for trips on the Silver Line from Wiehle. So it will cost the same to go to Rosslyn as it will to go ALL THE WAY across the city to Largo, where the line ends. How does that make any sense?

        • Anon 2:38

          I mean the bus you take now, from West Falls Church – is that bus service discontinued once the Silver Line opens?

    • Anonymous

      The bus fare hike is absurd.

    • Anonymous

      if you wanna split gas and wear and tear we can carpool

  • Kyle P

    Yet the most unsustainable part of Metro (metroaccess) actually had their cares cut. The average cost to metro per trip for a metro access ride is $40, yet we lower the max fare to 6.50. That makes zero sense.

    I know a couple people who are handicap enough to qualify for MetroAccess and neither of them are destitute. If you are trying to help poverty stricken handicap people, then do that. You don’t have to max out the fare for everyone at 1/6th the cost

  • bleedo

    No doubt they’ll use the extra money to keep the escalators running…

  • On a related note, has anyone ever had visitors try out the 1-day or 7-day passes? Metro really hasn’t promoted them and they seem like a terrible deal, especially considering that a lot of the places tourists visit are all within walking distance of each other. Thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      The 1-day passes are really only good on that weekend and don’t really seem like a good deal anymore. As far as I know, they can only be used during certain times (ie not rush hour) and if they’re just going to the Mall (maybe with a stopover at the 9/11 memorial), it’s probably cheaper to just put $10 on a card and go. I’ve had friends who come in from Baltimore and buy a 1-day pass and end up taking trips that would probably cost $6 total. So not worth it.


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