Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont

by Prince Of Petworth June 2, 2014 at 3:00 pm 29 Comments

1762 Corcoran Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1762 Corcoran Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Prime Dupont boutique condo, south facing 1935 era. Gorgeous pine floors,10+ceilings with crown moldings & wood burning fireplace in living/dining room combo w/rear door to large balcony for flower pots, BBQ & seats.Granite counters in kitchen with room 4 small table/chairs.Large sunny MBR w/4 closets, tall windows. Immed. Avail.no move-in fees,2 blocks to metro, Safeway on block, pet friendly.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $3,100/Mo.

  • anana

    choked on my apple when i read the price

    • artemis

      Me too! At that price point, you could be paying the mortgage on a lovely bungalow in the burbs or a 2 bedroom condo somewhere in NW DC.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing in the burbs is lovely when you have to deal with commuting into the city every day. I speak from experience!

    • Anonymous

      Wow… sweet location, but it’s one floor. Why not rent a baller apt on 14th for that price?

      • Anonymous

        I think this location is pretty inconvenient. 14th Street’s a lot better.

        • Anonymous

          what?!?!?!?!!? How is it inconvenient? it’s hella close to the dupont metro! and 3 blocks from 14th! you’re crazy.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe it’s convenient to you, but it would take me an hour to get to my job (on the other side of the city from here. And it would take forever to get on the highway to visit my parents. Or to get to the places where I especially like to spend my free time. It’s a bit embedded in the upper west part of the city.

    • Agreed. I paid the same amount when I moved into a 1900 sqft place 2 blocks down in 2011.

      • Anonymous

        It’s priced for a diplomat and not us regular DC folk!

        • Anonymous

          I was thinking it’s priced for some poor souls out of college who divide the place between 3-4 people.

  • Anonymous

    “blocks to metro”, if you were married and split rent – this might be ok… otherwise jesus christ. Dupont is overrated anyways

  • Anonymous

    Someone didn’t get the memo that Dupont is not the hottest neighborhood in the city anymore.

    • kd21

      No, but it’s still home to the most expensive real estate.

      • Anonymous

        I think a lot of newcomers don’t get that memo. Practically every renter in Dupont is brand-new to DC and clueless about the city. They always move to a better neighborhood as soon as their lease is up.

        • Anonymous

          Dupont remains a fantastic neighborhood to live in. Very nice, though not as “trendy”, neighborhood with beautiful architecture. Easy walking to i) Georgetown, ii) World Bank, IMF, and K Street, and iii) to Logan and U Street. Good redline metro access. As a landlord I know that people seek the Dupont area out, often stay, and also leave and return.

          • Anonymous

            Like Georgetown, it’s beautiful but a bit remote.

          • cookie

            Remote? Um, it’s like the most walkable, best location especially if you work downtown. You can walk just about everywhere, except H St. in under 25 mins. You don’t have the sketchiness of all of the public housing in other “hot” areas like Logan, Columbia Heights (good grief, who really wants to live there?), Shaw, Noma, etc. Depending on where you live in Dupont, you can be a 7 min walk to a Safeway and a Whole Foods, Red Line Metro, Dupont Farmer’s Market, some highly rated restaurant (Komi, Little Serrow, Sushi Taro, etc.) and only 10 mins to 14th Strip, WITHOUT the public housing and all it brings. There have not been many shootings like those in all of the other “hot” places. You can easily walk to several movies theaters, all of your downtown doctors, library, etc. I just would not characterize it as remote. Cleveland Park, remote. Petworth, remote. Dupont? Not even close. Wish I had the $ to live there.

          • Capitol Hill

            Well, I personally wouldn’t find it convenient. I’d rather be able to walk to work, and be near transit options that are actually convenient to me. You do realize lots of DC residents don’t work downtown, right?

        • Anonymous

          Haha, yeah, that cookie person sounds like one of those newcomers. Much like Arlington, it’s a nice safe landing spot for someone to get to know the city from.

        • anon

          Dupont is a great place to live if you can find a reasonable price. I moved back to the city after living here 3 years before and picked Dupont after seeing some ridiculous prices in trendy neighborhoods. It’s convenient because I can walk almost everywhere, and I’m 5 minutes from 14th St., which is great because I frequent Black Cat. I can also walk to work. Not everyone works downtown/Dupont, but a lot of people do. Of course, I found a cheap place around here that is not remotely close to the price above. I personally love Dupont, and it’s not because of some naivety about other “cooler” neighborhoods. It’s because it’s also a nice place to live.

  • ShawRes

    I actually exclaimed “JESUS CHRIST” from my desk when I saw the price. That’s just….ridiculous.

  • ET

    Holy. Moly. I know not everyone wants to buy or that it makes sense but over 3 grand for a one bedroom – PER MONTH. I can’t help but think that there is a one bedroom in a good/convenient location that is at least a grand cheaper.

  • Anonymous

    The price is a little surprising to me…… but for those of you who say “go to a baller condo building”, it isn’t that easy. Those “baller” condo buildings are much more expensive per square foot. And you have to deal with all those little annoying add ons. I recently went apartment shopping at a few condos on U St and 14th St and my jaw dropped by seeing how little square footage you get for the price. At least this place is close to 900 sqft.

    I’m not saying I’d rent this, but it seems fairly priced for what you are getting in the neighborhood. Sure, you might find a better deal if you search, but not by that much. And no, not many ppl on this forum want to move into the suburbs. The commute sucks and is only getting worse by the year.

  • Anonymous

    …and it doesn’t even have a stainless steel fridge. seriously, a white fridge?

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t you heard? White’s back in, stainless is out.

  • anon

    Without parking and with that kitchen it seems ridiculous. Maybe 2650?

    • Anonymous

      According to the person above there’s no reason to have a car because it’s convenient to absolutely everything (ha).

  • Twills

    Dupont is the nicest place to live in the city, hands down. Safe, great restaurants, highly convenient, and now the diplomats are allowed to live there. This area is only going up.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, it is good if you happen to be a diplomat or world bank employee (though my neighbor still went with Capitol Hill because of the convenience to other things).


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