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  • Anonymous

    CityCenter is trying to become like Rodeo Drive. Got a long way to go though.

    • Logan

      Except every girl in this city owns a Longchamp purse.

      • BS

        That purse is EVERYWHERE! It’s so boring, TRY SOME INDIVIDUALITY LADIES!!!

        • AG

          I don’t care that it’s boring. It’s friggin ugly.

      • cleary

        I share your pain about this purse. However, I have an all-black one (including the handles) that I use while traveling for work and in that context, it’s perfect. It’s lightweight (good b/c I carry a lot of other documents and I don’t need to add 8 pounds of purse), easy to clean, and goes with everything. So, in the right context it’s a great option.

  • domrep

    Has there been any buzz about this development, other than when a new store opens there? Every time I drive by it, there usually isn’t a lot of people around.

    • Rich

      When I’ve walked by, the stores usually are empty, although when i did go into Allen Edmonds a couple months ago, it was the one time they had a couple customers. Alden of New England (which is more expensive, but sells better made shoes) usually has more business even though it’s on F Street which has been struggling for years and has a wider mix of stores.

      I get that CityCenter is trying to develop a core of stores that can compete with Tyson’s and Friendship Heights, except, Georgetown already does that and without an anchor that isn’t at Friendship Heights or Tyson’s (or Georgetown) like Nordstrom, they probably won’t succeed at it.

      • Charlie

        Upcoming stores include Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Tiffany. It’s also going to be mixed use with restaurants from internationally acclaimed chefs and a high-end grocery market. There was talk of a large “anchor” department store like Nordstrom or Bloomingdales moving in, but I don’t know if that’s still the case.

        Parts of the buildings are still under construction, so you can barely even call it a new development, since it’s not really finished. So, give it time. It’s going to be a popular area. Think of how busy Bethesda Row is, and that’s in Bethesda. This is in the middle of the city, surrounded by hotels, offices and residential buildings.

        • Anonymous

          Prada is coming to Tysons Galleria

      • Logan

        The largest tenant of the office building doesn’t move in until later this year. I think it’s a little early to judge. And I am pretty excited about the Hugo Boss store.

        I don’t think Georgetown is the draw you think it is. I’d get on the red line to Friendship Heights before I’d even try to go to Georgetown. This is even better. Although I 100% agree it needs an anchor store and I’d do backflips if they got a Bloomingdales like the one in FH or a Nordstrom.

        • Sa

          I agree! It’s too early to judge. Also, it would be great to get rid of Macys and replace it with a Bloomingdales or something better. Even Nordstrom. If that can be part of the City Centre development then terrific – otherwise, just supplant Macys. It’s a disgusting department store, with non-existent service and no stock when you actually bother to go into the bricks and mortar store at Metro Center. I don’t know what Macys’ business plan in the Metro Center area is, but that business plan needs a re-visit and update from people who know what they are doing…. City Centre is a terrific addition to this part of town. The centre of town has definitely shifted eastward in DC, as DC has matured from a bunch of people holed up in the deep NW due to lack of security, eastward to a point that is somewhat closer to the real centre…. It’s about time too.

          • Anonymous

            +1 although i don’t know how many of these shops i will go to, i was hoping for a Uniqlo or something cool like the new NikeLab stores. That would be fantastic! – male here haha

          • Uniqlo

            Wow, took significantly longer for someone to mention Uniqlo in a City Center post than I anticipated.

          • Administrator

            +1. Georgetown and Friendship Heights haven’t always had the lock on high-end shopping in DC. DC is finally recovering from the riots, and the money is moving back toward the center (i.e. logan circle), thus downtown should return to the premier shopping destination of the area.

        • I think a Nordstrom would do really well downtown. There’s very little overlap between Nordstrom and Macy’s in terms of inventory, and I think they would appeal to different customers. It’s nice to have higher end options, but at the end of the day, this city is expensive and you have to pick and choose what you spend your money on.

          I will still defend the Macy’s at Metro Center – mainly because I’ve been to far worse Macy’s. I’ve had better luck finding good men’s clothes (and deals) than women’s, though. Maybe Nordstrom would be different, although they do nowhere as many sales and deals as Macy’s. That’s what Nordstrom Rack is for.

  • Catster_LangPuff

    Great…just what we need…. more DC women with Longchamp bags.

  • Anonymous

    I was there yesterday to check it out.

    Longchamp was supposed to open at 10AM on Wednesday, but didn’t open up until 12PM because they were still opening the merchandise and placing it on the shelves…

    When I was there yesterday, they were still installing the window displays…

    They’re planning an opening party after the summer sometime in August/September…(invite only)


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