• Anonymous

    … How about a real store…?

    • Anonymous

      What makes this any less of a real store than any of the dozens of high end stores in Georgetown?

      • AG

        All of the stores that have opened up seem really limited. I mean, I’m only going to come to CityCenter if I’m looking for a Tumi suitcase or Longchamp purse, not just shopping for a suitcase or a purse. I wouldn’t mind if these stores were opening up alongside bigger stores with a more diverse array of merchandise (even if it is high end), but at least in my admittedly limited understanding, that doesn’t seem to be the case yet.

  • Anonymous

    of course they are………….

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully that barren, windswept sideway will be filled with urban life next year at this time. I also hope the city allows banners and flags like SF’s union square district and doesn’t require stores to have georgtown-esq design restrictions.

  • Anonymous

    I love this place. Great sweaters.

  • Anonymous

    I have an extremely long champ, so I’m hoping this place has clothing that’ll fit me.

  • Anonymous

    Why would we want a French clothing store in DC? Beyond the food and the art, French culture is pretty gross.

  • kook47797

    Cool homepage, but they lost me at “men’s bags.” How does one pronounce the name of this store anyway?

    • Anonymous

      It’s French – the closest I can get to it with English phonics is longshump.

  • Blithe

    Happy happy joy joy! Best bags in the universe – hope they have sales!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Longchamp is from Rennes, not Paris

  • Single ‘Nonies (Put a Ring on It)

    Somewhat surprised the store isn’t in Georgetown, considering the popularity of their bags amongst their student body.

  • jt

    Oh man, even after watching all the construction, that juxtaposition of remembering the Bolt Bus pickup area, with a finished 10-story block of buildings on top of it, is a real mental trip.

    Remember that bizarre astroturf covered ramp waiting area? It actually oddly did the trick — it broke up that depressing mega block of parking.

    Another fond memory– remember when the outdoor trapeze school was up in that parking lot? Southeast corner I think, only seasonally. A distant memory of that led me to buy some trapeze lessons for the gf last winter, and it was actually crazy cool.

  • jumpingjack

    How about the old Convention Center that used to stand here, and what the neighborhood around it used to be like. I cannot get over how this city has changed.

    • Anonymous

      thats what i remember

      i wish they would have thrown some of the old styling sues form the old conv center in there
      maybe some modern street lamps that mirrired those old globe ones or something

  • BAD

    Well, I’m very happy the women of DC will not have to look for the nearest Lou Lou store (two blocks away mind you) to buy their replacement Longchamp bags so that they don’t receive demerits for failing to wear the D.C. 20 something girl uniform. Now, if they’ll just open a Tory Burch store there, the ladies will never have to go anywhere else to complete the DC look.

    For anyone not familiar with Longchamp, look around more carefully on your way to work. I would say easily on any given day I see 5-10 Longchamp bags overstuffed being carried around by girls in this city. But beware, once you see, you cannot unsee. Then you will be tormented by how often you see them and think maybe you’re in an invasion of the body snatchers type movie or something.

    • Anonymous

      I hate things other people like. they are the worst.

    • seriously?

      I strongly recommend you never go to Europe, for there are many Longchamp bags to be seen.

      • BAD

        We must stamp out this infestation before America turns into Europe! Freedom fries!

    • bag hater

      My beef with the big bag girls is when they hop on a Metrobus, they assault everyone they pass walking down the aisle with their duffel bag sized purse. Meh.

      • Anonymous

        Not at all like guys with their monstrous laptop backpacks that make them about as long as a Fiat. Not just a girl problem, dude.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is great! Why do I have to go to Georgetown, MD or VA to spend my money. Some of us have disoposable income and like to buy nice things. And before the hate starts, yes some of us give to the poor and the homeless and still want nice things. You all should be more tolerant of those of us who can afford certain things.

    • jim_ed

      I know, right? Being wealthy in America is just THE TOUGHEST. People should be more sympathetic to how difficult it is.

      • Truxton Thomas

        So oppressed. So misunderstood.

        • Anonymous

          if you are a regular reader of this page, seems everyone is against people who want something nice in their neighborhood – condos are too expensive, restaurants are too expensive, gentriffication is bad. Why cant I live in a city that has high end things? Why do I have to go to VA or MD to live a good life that I have worked hard for. We are not all poor hipsters. Cant we have both???

          • Anonymous

            Are you Marnie from Girls?

  • andy2

    What about Uniqlo?

    • I promise you when more info about Uniqlo is available it’ll receive Trader Joe’s-like coverage!!

      • Anonymous


        • wow

          Uniqlo’s parent company is placing a bid on buying J Crew fashions and stores… you may see Uniglo mix in eventually. I only like them because of the warmnt clothing, nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    Overpriced, vanilla bags for vanilla, uninteresting people. Meh.
    Seriously, Longchamp is about as boring as it gets for “luxury” goods.

    • Anna

      I wish they were vanilla. They’re fugly. Basically the purse version of Uggs.

  • Nettie

    I feel like Longchamp probably has nice bags and clothes but those ubiquitous canvas bags need to be stopped. They’re kind of expensive for a purse but they’re not investment pieces. They look all raggedy and torn up after about a year of use. The corners get frayed and the bags really seem to show scuffs.
    I was recently interviewing a candidate for a job (financial position at a conservative firm, not a hip startup) and she was nicely dressed but she was carrying a scruffy looking beach bag (i.e. a longchamps tote). Who brings a beach bag to an interview? She kept saying she was a “big thinker” but honestly someone who uses one of those ugly things is obviously a trend junkie and a herd follower.
    Buy yourself a $30 all purpose black purse at TJ Maxx and use your Longchamp for picnics.

    • Anonymous

      I mean, I don’t like those canvas Longchamp bags either, but I’d hardly consider them “beach bags.” As far as interview appropriateness, I don’t see why it isn’t. It’s pretty superficial of you to specifically note the type of bag she was carrying and its condition. Maybe she can’t afford to have 10 bags so she bought one she considered nice and carries it all the time.
      Unless she literally carried a wicker beach bag or canvas grocery bag into an interview, I think you’re being pretty harsh.

  • Rich

    The architecture is meh for someone like Norman Foster who often has been more daring. The currently open stores look like nice stage sets with no customers. Without a traffic drawing anchor, this area will fail. Even if you have people milling about, an area can die–L’Enfant started as an outpost of mid-upper end stores.

  • Anon

    Le sigh. Longchamps is a luxury brand in France and the majority of their products are leather purses, briefcases, bags and luggage. They actually created the Pliage canvas series to appeal to a wider audience by making an affordable product. The bags are designed to be sturdy and used by the Frenchie-on-the-go. One version was literally called “le Pliage Shopping” (say it with a French accent…it helps.)
    The series was so successful that they’ve continued it year after year. The trend picked up stateside pretty fast as many popular things in Europe are wont to do. Nevermind that they come in every color imaginable, are a designer bag made for a person with an urban, walk-everywhere lifestyle, and are comparatively affordable, there will always be someone ready to whine about it…on a blog in a city with an urban plan designed by a Frenchman. Men and women carrying these bags around DC are the exact target audience the bag was designed to appeal to, so at the very least we, as Americans, should tip our hat to this impressive display of capitalism. Fin.

    • anon

      Nice try, but I don’t buy your attempt to justify conspicuous consumption.

      • Anonymous

        I love conspicpuous consumption! what else am I to do with my money?? And just because you see thier canvas bags everywhere, dont underestimate how beautiful their leather goods are.

  • MBALuxe

    Realestate leasing exec casually mentioned to my boss that Hermes, Gucci, D&G, Tiffany&Co are coming to CityCenter. ;)
    In addition to the ones mentioned already


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