L&N Thrift Store to Close on Georgia Ave and Condos Coming? Any Good Thrift Stores Left in DC?

by Prince Of Petworth June 19, 2014 at 10:24 am 33 Comments

3112 Georgia Ave, NW

An interesting piece of scuttlebutt passed on from a reader:

“I was in the L&N Thrift Store on Georgia Avenue and the lady in there told me that they were selling the building to a developer who was going to put that building together with the one next door to assemble a lot to build condos on.”

Ed. Note: Before moving to Georgia Ave, L and N Thrift was located at 1830 14th St, NW now home to the Amsterdam Falafel in Logan.

With word that Mike’s Thrift store will also likely be closing on H Street – are there any good thrift stores left in the District?


  • The Real Jason

    This place was terrible. Nothing was priced and when you asked the owner how much an item was he’d think about it for a second and offer an insane price. Georgia Ave Thrift is hands down the best thrift store within the city limits.

  • Stacey

    Go north a few blocks to Fia’s Fabulous Finds on Upshur. Great ladies’ clothes, great selection; it’s got the feel of a consignment shop, but generally the prices are more reasonable.

  • pru

    I had no idea there was a thrift store around there.

  • Frank Underwood

    Huzzah. Georgia ave continues to improve.

  • HaileUnlikely

    Agreed on Georgia Avenue Thrift Store. I have lived near it for 10 years, over which time I’ve gotten loads of good stuff for a grand total of probably not much more than $100.

  • Monroe

    Martha’s Table Outfitters (2114 14th St) is one of my favorite thrift shops in DC. I also like Value Village (2277 University Blvd). There’s another giant thrift shop on NH just past the beltway.
    I saw a new thrift shop opened on Park Rd between 14th and 16th – has anyone checked them out?

    • Anonymous

      Oh and I used to go to St Albans Opportunity Shop a lot when I worked nearby. Clothing tends to be upscale, classic, well priced. They also have books and small household items.

    • I never liked the one on university (if I remember correctly it doesn’t have changing rooms?), but the Value Village/Unique combo up on New Hampshire is pretty great, and they have changing rooms on both sides. I was really sad when the salvation army farther south on New Hampshire closed – they always had the best prices.

      There’s another salvation army in Hyattsville that I’ve had some good finds at as well (3304 Kenilworth Ave). It’s a bit bigger and has furniture too.

      • MPinDC

        That’s where you need a try-on skirt! I’ll look for a long skirt with elastic waist. That becomes my “dressing room” where I can try things on. Alternately, wear leggings or something else close fitting. I’ll wear a tank top or something else form fitting so I can try on shirts over.

        • The Unique in Wheaton, on Viers Mill and Randolph, added fitting rooms. They’re all under new management, so others might have added fitting rooms too.

  • Eponymous

    A new thrift store just opened in Brookland o 12th Street. Bartered Threads. I have not been yet.

  • ledroittiger

    There is a thrift store in a basement apartment under a church on the south side of the 500 block of Rhode Island Ave, NW, though I can’t vouch for the eye of the owner.

  • Andrew

    17th Street

  • I really like the Goodwill in NE, but it’s not easily accessible without a car.

    • anonp

      How is it not easily accessible when the B8/B9 and H6 bus routes go right there.

      • textdoc

        Just because it’s on a bus route or two doesn’t mean it’s “easily” accessible. Google Maps tells me that getting there from where I live by bus would take 55-63 minutes and one transfer… vs. 14 minutes by car.

        • Two buses and an hour trip from my house isn’t easily accessible. I’m sure it’s pretty accessible for a number of people, but I’m not one of them.
          Accessibility always comes up when we talk thrift stores, so if it’s not near a metro or major pedestrian thoroughfare, I’m going to say that.

    • Anonymous


  • Paul Tagliabue

    Its smaller, but Frugalista in Mt.P has a lot of nice shirts. I got a Brooks Brothers wool sweater in perfect condition for $12

    • Jen Jen

      +1 on Frugalista. I’ve been happy with the lady’s clothing selection there and I like how they organize some of the items by designers/brands.

    • Anonymous

      It used to be even cheaper, but Frugalista got too fancified.

  • jcm

    This is interesting news. I wonder how much of the block they’ve put together? The market on the corner has been closed for almost a year now, and there’s been no activity there. Maybe it’s a part of this?

  • Anonymous

    Second Avenue in Laurel is the size of a WalMart and it’s ALL thrift items. Amazingly well organized and clean. And they have weekly deals where it’s 75% off items that are already $3. And there’s an Amish market across the street where you can stock up on artisanally curated scrapple.

    • Acdc

      I’m pretty sure it’s gone… Maybe a planet fitness now?

      • Anonymous

        Second Avenue is in the same shopping center. …. it is essentially the replacement of the thrift shop you’re referring to which is, indeed, a planet fitness now

  • anonp

    All of the good and best thrift stores are in the MD and VA suburbs.

    I recommend the Value Village/Unique Thrift on New Hampshire ave in Hillandale. It’s a HUGE store.

  • Anonymous

    best news I have read all day! Hopefully the developer will get the block. Great for GA avenue and quite frankly Im assuming the owners made a killing in the sale-more than they would selling stuff in the store. This turning over, and the Murrys block in another two year we are finally getting a critical mass of density and better commercial space. I really believe GA avenues time as arrived!

    • jcm

      The post office block and the petworth liquors block too. Counting the builidings that have already been built in the past couple of years there’s more than 500 new housing units in the Park View section of Georgia.

  • sarah

    value village rocks, it’s long been a favorite, but also not that easy to access without a car. takoma park used to be a great spot for vintage stores, but now it’s really just polly sue’s (which is wonderful) – polly sue’s is definitely not as thrifty as the others, but it’s 3 blocks from metro and their prices are great. i also think meeps on 18th st is usually reasonable for recycled clothes, and they have great finds.

  • textdoc

    BTW, for anyone else trying to picture where this is on Georgia Avenue: It’s the block between Kenyon and Irving.

  • Anonymous

    Yay more condos

    • 20010

      Does anyone know of thrift stores in the area that have a good selection of furniture (kitchen tables, chairs, end tables, dressers, etc)?

  • The Realer Jason

    YES!! That place was a dump. I once bought a sweater there for an ugly sweater party. I lost.

    However, my home on Keefer PL NW will appreciate with this new development… so I win after all.


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