HomeMade Pizza Co Closes in Logan

by Prince Of Petworth June 2, 2014 at 11:25 am 46 Comments

1522 14th Street, NW

Thanks to @MollyGHP for tweeting us the news on Friday:

“any scoop on homemade pizza? Website and 14th street store dark! Called DC stores – no answer. Appears to have gone poof overnight. apparently homemade pizza full bankruptcy, bank selling all #bummer”

HomeMade Pizza opened their Logan location at the corner of 14th and Church St, NW back in Jan. 2010. Their Georgetown location closed back in July 2012. Were there any regulars of the Logan spot?

  • matt

    Chevy Chase DC location also closed, abruptly.

    • Anonymous

      I said this place would fail and I feel smug in my proven convictions. Selling raw pizzas defeats the whole purpose of buying a pizza. Condolences to the people that worked there though. It was a bad idea.

  • carlosthedwarf

    Got pizza from there once, on my then-bf’s recommendation. Toppings were solid, crust was cardboard.

  • JinDC

    dang – we liked it. I wasn’t a frequent guest, but the delivery options around there are awful besides Petes, and I feel like whenever I get Petes delivered I have to take out a loan. This was a good compromise. The staff was friendly and the ordering system was great – order before leaving work and grab it. I’ll miss it as a good option for dinner in our busy lives.

  • andrew

    never understood this concept.

    Option A: have a cooked pizza brought to you
    Option B: go get an uncooked pizza, to take home and cook

    why would you ever choose option B?

  • Gladys Cravitz

    I never got the concept…..Pizza was OK, but it was about the same price as going to a restaurant.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you weren’t the only one ;-)

  • AB

    Yeah, agree, seemed like the price was the same as a restaurant…

  • Anonymous

    The price made sense to me since that’s what fresh produce costs. Trying to make a pizza from scratch from the grocery store always costs me an arm and a leg which is why it’s blatantly obvious most chain pizza places are so cheap b/c it’s all chemicals and frozen crap. The crust thing…well crust, like all pastry is a simple concept but reduculously difficult to execute especially in the numbers they’re making them. I wish them luck. I like the concept.

    • anon

      what are you topping your pizza with? Making pizza yourself is always cheaper if you only count ingredients. It’s the time and effort that raise the cost. Plus a commercial place with a propper pizza oven will produce a better pie than virtually any home model save for an outdoor hearth

    • Are you shaving foie gras over the top of your pizzas? Otherwise it really shouldn’t cost you $20 to make one at home.

    • AG

      If you’re buying the ready-made crust, jarred pizza sauce, and really expensive toppings, maybe, maybe you’ll get close to $20. Shredded mozzarella is $4.00 max, I usually make my own sauce by sauteing onions and garlic and adding canned crushed tomatoes ($2.00) and spices, make my own crust (super easy and costs maybe 50 cents), roast a bell pepper ($1.50), and add whatever meat stuff I want, usually a chicken sausage or leftover chicken ($2 max). Crank up my oven the hottest it’ll go, slide it onto the baking stone and in 8 mins. tasty pizza for maybe 10 bucks.

  • Rich

    I liked the calzones and some of the pizza toppings. Better than typical DC pizza. It would be nice if Pete’s opened in the neighborhood.

    • JinDC

      yes, if Petes came I wouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on delivery! It’s like $60 for two pizzas!

      • Anonymous

        How many people are you feeding? Pete’s pies are huge!

        • JinDC

          2 with a few days worth of leftovers. But they have a delivery surcharge also, and thenyou tip the driver and it adds up quickly

    • Anonymous

      Pete’s is only good straight out of the oven. Every time I’ve had delivery, it’s been tough and not hot enough.

      • Anonymous

        Have you read their reheating instructions on the box? They were life changing for me :)

        • Anonymous

          I said the same thing to my wife last night! Spoiler alert: do it in a dry skillet

  • Pcat

    Is this the beginning of the “Great Logan Circle Restaurant Shake Out?”

    • Anonymous

      What does that even mean? I am glad they closed i never saw anyone in there and there are so many other places to go for pizza. Hopefully something unique to the neighborhood will move in here…and i hope its not a place with $5 pour over style coffee that is fair trade. Something cheap, affordable, and quick!

    • jaybird

      This is a store, not a restaurant.

    • Jay

      Seems to me like establishments have been turning over on 14th street since forever. Playbill, Viridian, the crepes places, Sparky’s, Blackbyrd, ACKC, Bar di Bari, etc. etc. So seems like this is a continuation of normal and ultimately healthy urban turnover, not any sort of interesting shakeout. Just factsof life on a vibrant commercial corridor.

    • Considering all of their locations closed, it seems the answer would be no.

  • Timmy
  • Anonymous

    Too bad, I actually loved their pizza!!! But w/ Whole Foods bogo Tuesdays, it was stiff competition….and now there’s ETTO which I’m sure didn’t help

    • Anonymous

      Does WH still do BOGO pizzas on Tuesday at the P St location? I used to swing by the Silver Spring one on the way back from work, but they got rid of the BOGO deal.

    • Anonymous

      We liked this place too! But the WF pizzas were about on par taste-wise, and much cheaper. BOGO deal made it an even easier choice. I will say that I used to babysit kids near Chevy Chase, and they looooved this pizza. To them it was more of a novelty thing that you brought it home and baked it. Maybe these guys should have stayed neared to the ‘burbs instead of down here with all the DINKs.

  • Anonymous

    Good riddance! It was way too expensive. Papa Murphy’s does the same thing (maybe not quite as fresh though) for a quarter of the price.

  • The idea of “Homemade Pizza” was Seinfeldian:

    KRAMER: Ooh! Remember Poppie?

    JERRY: Oh, you mean from Poppie’s Restaurant?

    KRAMER: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, uh…we’re going into business together. Remember that idea I had a few years ago about the pizza place where you make your own pizza?

    JERRY: Yeah.

    ELAINE: What was that again?

    KRAMER: It’s a pizza place where you make your own pie! We give you the dough, the sauce, the cheese…you pound it, slap it, you flip it up into the air…you put your toppings on and you slide it into the oven! Sounds good, huh?

    ELAINE (in a southern accent): Ooh, I can’t wait to get me a fella and make mah own pie!

    JERRY: What made you resurrect that old idea?

    KRAMER: Well, I happened to be eating at Poppie’s when I told him the “old” idea, and his eyes – waaaaaah! – just lit up. You know, he wants to back it.

    • Pixie

      But we cannot give the people the right to choose any topping they want! Now on this issue there can be no debate.

    • Anonymous

      You canna notta hava cucumbers on a pizza!

  • figby

    I liked this place, I am sorry to see it go. The pizza was good, especially the whole wheat crust.

    I once enjoyed the spectacle of a screaming tourist in this store furiously demanding a cooked slice and having the staff patiently explain the concept. He didn’t get it, at all.

  • dcloafer

    Never understood this concept. Cheap NY pizza places have proven that pizza is all about the crust, which is all about *INTENSE HEAT*. You can make pizza with crap ingredients, but if you blast it at 1000 degrees or more, it’s going to taste at least decent.

    By contrast, you can make pizza with first-rate ingredients, but it’s very difficult to get the crust right if you’re cooking in a home oven that tops out at 500 degrees (if you’re lucky enough to have your oven actually get that hot).

    • oh2dc

      I recommend the baking steel. It makes amazing pizza at home. My oven says it gets to 550, which we set it to and let the steel warm with the oven and let it sit in the oven for 30-60 min before cooking to maximize heat/retention. Depending on toppings and thickness of the crust, the pizza is done in about 5-8 minutes with nice dark and bubbly crust.

      • Or cook it on the grill outside, which can get significantly hotter if you’ve got a high powered gas one :)

        • oh2dc

          Word. I wish our condo afforded such a luxury.

    • Anonymous

      I guess I never really had much use for this sort of place. When I want fresh-baked pizza at home, I’ll pick up some fresh dough at Vace, put my own toppings on it, and bake it on a pizza stone that’s been preheated at 500 for like 30 minutes. It comes out better than a lot of delivery places, and I know what’s in the ingredients on top of it.

  • Anonymous

    I used to work at this location as well as some of the others. Showed up to work on Friday and was told that they filed for bankruptcy and were shutting down all the stores that day. All 5 in DC/Virginia as well as the 20 in Chicago

    • Anonymous

      I’m so sorry. That totally sucks.

  • Meh, it was OK. The prices were pretty obscene though, especially once more actual cooked pizza places became available on 14th Street. Give me the fig, prosciutto, and balsamic flatbread from ChurchKey down the street, or any of the pies from Black Jack, over this any day.

    • textdoc

      Fig and prosciutto? OMG, that makes me think of the divine (but no longer available) “Portia” sandwich from Tryst — prosciutto, fig spread, and (if I remember correctly) goat cheese, on a ficelle bread.

  • MDH1986

    We liked this place, but it was increasingly difficult to pick up as a driver, since parking has become so scarce around there with all the restaurants, valets, and more parking enforcement. But I always thought the pizza was delish! Good salads – easy meal.

    The stores in Chicago area, where it’s based, also closed abruptly, so it’s definitely a company wide thing.

  • Manamana

    Sorry to see them go . . . but it always struck me as odd that it took them ~20 minutes to prepare an uncooked pizza. Most places can produce a cooked pizza in that amount of time.

  • EP Sato

    I never understood this business concept/model. Delivery pizza price for a pick up order that you have to cook at home? At best I saw this as a short term fad. Of the few folks I know who bit on this concept, not many bit more than once.

    As for the closing, it made perfect sense. I can’t speak for any of their other storefronts, but I walk on 14th pretty much every day and never see anyone in the Homemade Pizza Co. Most “delivery and take out only” spots are tiny for a reason. They had a big storefront in an expensive part of town. If all their locations fit that same bill, it was just a question of time before the walls came tumbling down.


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