Multiple Reader Reported Crimes in Shaw, Bloomingdale, U Street

by Prince Of Petworth June 11, 2014 at 2:30 pm 44 Comments

Sadly readers report:

Burglary on the 1400 Block of Swann Street, NW

We were the victims of a burglary Monday night and figured this would be a good place to spread the word so that others can be more vigilant than us.

We live on the 1400 block of Swann Street NW. Yesterday evening at about 8:45pm, I started grilling on our outside patio. Usually when I grill, I’ll go in and out of the house and leave the back door closed but unlocked. I brought the food in around 9/9:15 to eat. During this time, someone came in our house, snatched my wife’s purse and camera and my wallet and watch. We noticed it was missing at around 9:30 and immediately called the police.

While we were waiting for the police, my wife recommended I search the allyway in between our block and the 1400 block of T Street NW. Sure enough, I found my wife’s rummaged-through purse near a neighbor’s car. I was able to recover most of its contents, including her credit cards. All that was taken from her, outside of the camera, was $30 in cash and her ID.

I continued searching the area and found my wallet in a nearby garbage can. In addition to my watch, the thief took all of my credit cards and smart trip card, which thankfully can all be cancelled and replaced. I checked my recent transactions and noticed the card was used at Whitelaw market on the corner of 13th and T, probably sometime between 9:30-10:30 pm.

When the police arrived, they interviewed us and did a thorough investigation–took pictures, fingerprints, etc. They told us that similar incidents have recently occurred in our area. I mention this so that hopefully this can end in a “Props to the Cops” post, but also so that people realize that theft in our area isn’t just limited to packages. Remember to lock your doors even when you’re home, and if you are anyone suspicious in the alley ways, report them to the police. Readers of PoPville – Be very vigilant in guarding your stuff!”


Smash and grab Monday night on 13th and U, NW

Sad reminder that even directly in front of the bars/ restaurants/ metro, no car is safe. Mercedes windows smashed last night on 13th immediately north of U St. NW. Looks like a bunch of backseat detritus but nothing valuable-unless the crooks grabbed whatever valuables had been there.”


Package theft in Shaw/Bloomingdale

We live around New Jersey Ave & Q St and had never experienced package theft in the four years we’ve been here…until yesterday. I was greeted by this scene coming back from work. I can’t believe people are so brazen that they can go through packages in broad daylight in full view! We called the police and was told that package theft has been on the rise in our neighborhood and that it usually occurs around noon when thieves know that people are at work. The officer suggested that ,if possible, we arrange to have our packages delivered in the evening. He also said that without camera footage it is very difficult to make arrests…so please keep an eye out, people (and install cameras!)”


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