Creme Opening July 1st in new home on 14th Street

by Prince Of Petworth June 25, 2014 at 10:22 pm 6 Comments

2436 14th Street, NW

Back in April we learned that Creme and their famous chicken and waffles brunch would be returning to 14th Street in June and they were pretty close – opening Tuesday July 1st – from an email:

“We’re excited to announce Creme Restaurant & Bar, formerly of U St, will be opening on Tuesday, July 1st at our new location in Columbia Heights!”

Their website says:

“Creme Restaurant & Bar is a premier casual fine dining destination for all to enjoy in the heart of DC.

With 10 years of service to the District, and a restaurant in Baltimore, Creme is known for blending award-winning food, amazing service and a friendly, comfortable family-owned atmosphere.

Tegist “Teggy” Ayalew joined the restaurant business in 1996 but the concept of Creme was created in 2004 when construction began on her U Street location.

With amazing dishes like chicken and waffles and DC’s booming brunch culture, Creme Cafe & Lounge quickly became the go-to restaurant in uptown DC.

From 2005 to 2013, Creme resided on U Street with Teggy’s son, Ezra, becoming the manager in 2010. With the success of the DC location, Teggy and Ezra were able to open Creme Restaurant & Lounge, previously known as CR Lounge, in Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood the same year.

On October 31, 2013, Creme officially closed its doors due to the construction and development of the U Street Corridor. Creme would later announce plans to move to 14th Street NW inside the new luxury apartment building of Capitol View on 14th. Its new location in the LEED Platinum Certified building is directly in line with Ezra’s beliefs of living a green lifestyle and creating sustainability and awareness in our environment.

Ezra believes that “green living is not a fad as it’s something that has to happen.”

With a water heater that conserves water, LED lights and recycled wood, Ezra’s landscape architecture background has come in handy when trying to create a more sustainable restaurant in Creme.

Ezra’s end goal for Creme is to consistently provide good food for Washington DC, promote the idea of eating local and supporting small businesses. He believes that “awesome food isn’t just a fad – it’s a living” and that the DC food scene deserves a quality casual fine dining experience in restaurants and event services.”



looking south toward Florida ave and U Street

  • Anonymous

    Tall, uncomfortable, hardwood chairs discourage lingering and guarantee rapid turnover. Smart move.

  • 14&Chapin

    so excited for this! Its a very small space but nicely laid out, and i dont think this is the type of place you linguire around (like a bus boys and poets for example). I live right around the corner and am very excited to have their chicken and waffels again! it was auh-mazing the first time i went to their U street location

    • Considering they seem to pride themselves on their brunch, that’s a rather odd statement to make. If any meal encourages lingering, it’s brunch. You’re already tired / hungover / whatever when you get there, and the food is often the comatose-inducing variety, so you’re not exactly in a hurry to leave. Add in Bloody Marys and mimosas, and yeah, why rush through it?

      • Anonymous

        well they cant force you out….but its a small space and from what i remember the food is prepared pretty quick. I would rather go for a walk up at the park after brunch then sitting in a restraunt for hours on end, but thats just me.

  • Anonymous

    Hope their service is better in the new location! Granted I only went there once, but with so many options in DC I won’t be tempted to go back.

  • I wonder if the food will be as mediocre as at its last location.


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