Aggressive Woman Taking Photos from her Car?

by Prince Of Petworth June 16, 2014 at 1:25 pm 25 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr.TinDC

“Dear PoPville,

I saw the thread on the wildlife photographer and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to email about a woman I’ve seen a few times in Mt. Pleasant taking pictures from her car.

Both times I’ve seen her (and once when my husband did) it was near the Park Rd./Adams Mill intersection (by Rosemont Center) in a white Honda Civic. She’s usually wearing dark sunglasses or a visor and takes pictures from her car while seemingly yelling/gesturing wildly. Once she got out of her car and came towards me and spat at my car. The other day I saw her she drove down Porter towards Connecticut with her hazards on and then stopped in the middle of the road.

I’m sure readers will say that she’s not technically doing anything illegal and/or that I should contact police instead of writing to PoPville… fair enough, will do that next time if there’s spitting/dangerous driving involved. For now, I’m just wondering if anyone else has seen her/experienced this in the area? Perhaps there’s an explanation like the wildlife photographer?”

  • CV

    Yesterday at around 2:00pm on Spring St NW, near 13th an African American woman with long curly hair started video taping me and a friend as we walked by, and she had a snarl on her face. I have no idea why she was filming us, but we just laughed about it. I wonder if its the same person?

  • Anonymous

    This same woman (I believe) was just discussed a few days ago. Think it was a “Forum Topics” thread. Just your local nutter… carry on.

  • Sam

    I’ve seen someone sitting in their car (maybe with a camera) around that area a few times before, but they had a sign on their wind shield stating they were doing traffic pattern analysis, etc. Doesn’t sound like this lady is doing that….

  • dcreal

    Wasn’t this discussed last week?

  • frickorfrack

    Along this line of odd behaviour. Anyone else run into (hopefully not in a physically detrimental way) the guy by Eastern Market metro who throws garbage and newspaper pages on lawns and front stoops? Some poor older woman was cleaning her front yard and she snatched the hefty bag out of her hand and threw it on someone’s steps a few doors down. He is highly menacing looking, as if he is about to throw a punch. He also likes to take a full paper and page by page throw it out into the air.

    He’s mid-to late 40’s stock build, black African American, short hair, …it’s always by the side streets of Eastern Market metro.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, this was already covered in a discussion last week. The summary is: yes, others have seen her, and yes, it’s weird and crazy, but c) being crazy and taking pictures of people in public is not illegal.

  • Anon 04

    Wait a minute…. I don’t know if this is the same person, but this thread caught my eye, because a few weeks ago I was walking my (large German Shepherd/Husky dog) down Mt. Pleasant Street just south of Park Rd., and a very normal looking African American woman aggressively approached us (my dog completely ignored her and continued sniffing the ground as he’d been doing) and told me that I’d “better watch my dog” and repeatedly said “I’m going to film you,” “you’d better get your dog ma’am”. My dog was harnessed, quiet, not pooping or peeing on, just walking while big dog, and I could not figure out what the hell was going on (I did not respond to her in a positive manner). It would make a lot of sense if this was the same person and there was some sort of pathology behind this.

    • Anonymous

      Had a similar incident in Around the same area where a group of teenage girls aggressively approach my dog asking ‘do that dog bite’

      • Anonymous

        And started sticking their hands in his face. Not to pet him but trying to get in his mouth. When he started licking them they screamed and said better watch your dog. I think they’re just crazy people/trying to get a lawsuit started. If the dog were to bite, it’d be hard to prove it was innocent since it would be he said/she said.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks all – good to know. I couldn’t find this covered previously so if anyone can link to that, that would be great.

  • AJNE

    FYI – this woman was in northeast Capitol Hill this morning just east of Stanton Park.

    • Josh

      I’ve seen her a couple of times at the corner of 6th St NE and Maryland Ave. She is always yelling about people’s dogs in Stanton Park saying that they’re going to eat the children and that if people wanted a dog park, they should talk to God. No joke. It’s usually around 7:30-ish AM that I’ve seen her.

      • AJNE

        Yep! She was at 7th & C NE around 8:45, but she was in her white car, stopped in the middle of 7th, taking a picture of houses (or cars? I don’t know, based on this thread). I thought it was odd but honestly didn’t think anything of it until I saw this thread.

        • That Man A

          yea, i live right there and my girlfriend said she saw her this am
          i was gone from the area by then but was parked right where it sounds like she stopped

  • Anonymous

    well i guess now she can be justified in her paranoia about being monitored

    • Kam


  • YUP

    This lady is legitimately crazy. She comes in to my store several times a week and constantly goes bananas. She wears ski goggles, and if you pull out a cell phone near her she goes insane and talks about people trying to stop her from finishing her book, but her “book is done”. A week ago she came in saying that she was going to die from “electric shock therapy”. When it comes to helping her, you have to walk on eggshells to prevent her from going off. She takes pictures of the customers and of us and claims that this is her only way of defending herself. Her rants include god and all the fools who try to stop her. I’m not sure how she lives on her own.

    I’m waiting for her to come in with a weapon.

    She lives off of Connecticut between Chevy Chase and Cleveland Park.

  • Anonymous

    My husband came home from work one day several months ago eager to tell me about this woman who was taking pictures of him as he stopped at a light in Petworth near 13th and Upshur. She ran out to the middle of the road to rapidly take pictures of him and the car and it sounded like she seemed distressed. He had no idea who she was, had never seen her before, and was entirely unclear why she was taking pictures of the car or why it was directed at him. We chalked it up to Crazyland USA, but it’s definitely unsettling.

  • lovessoldier

    I thought she was taking a survey of the traffic, she posts up at 13th and the street right before Military going towards Silver Spring. I am definitely on her radar. Sad state of affairs, is there a group home in the vicinity of her supposed residence? Could she be a resident? She drives which is extra scary, same white 4 door honda civic. I hope she doesn’t hurt someone. Is there a procedure for the Dept of Health Mental Services that someone can report this to? Thanks,

  • Emily

    Yes i have!!! On Reno road in cleveland park. It scarred the heck out of me esp since it was dark out!! She took pictures of the driver in my car and liscense plate. SO CREEPY!!


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