• Wait, what? Amazing! What a cool find! Makes me think I should stop picking up the bottles our neighbors leave all over the street. In 130 years, we can cash in!

  • B’Dale Res

    When i dug up my basement, I found over 50 battles in tack. I found an additional 30+ broken bottles. The soil around DC is littered with them…

    • MJ

      Intact! Jeez….

    • Yeah, our 100 year old house is on an elevated lot, so as we’ve been digging up our yard we find a disturbing amount of glass in the soil. I’m guessing back then (and even now) they just throw in whatever to fill the hole…a lot of concrete blocks too, which really suck when shoveling.

  • Anonymous

    who kept the bottle?

  • Mike

    Yea…this site says it is extremely rare. Was a bottle of “stomach bitters”.

    • GoPetworthGo

      VERY cool to compare the dirty bottle pic above with the clean, new looking yet identical bottle of stomach bitters in your link. Thanks for providing that context, makes the find that much more interesting.

  • Rebecca

    So we just found a bottle in our front yard as well. We doubt that is as old as the one captured here, but this post does make us curious if it’s worth anything. Any tips on where to go get an appraisal? Tx!


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