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  • It’s funny, when we were in there on Sunday (see previous rant on sanitation issues) the poor girl who was clearly swamped at the register kept having people call in and ask about delivery. She had to keep arguing with them that even though their signs and menus says “We deliver!” that they did not in fact offer that at the time.

    • Anonymous

      Where’s your rant re. sanitation? What was the issue?

      • Anonymous

        Go to Yelp and read Suzy D’s review of the place for a summary of the issues (this is Justin posting remotely)

        • Anonymous

          Not cool…. not cool at all.. I’m going to hope it’s a training issue and resolved soon. Thanks for the info

  • JCH

    Out of the delivery area by 1.5 blocks.

    • Anonymous

      I wish they’d deliver to the golf course, too. Nothing would be better than a piping hot pizza, on demand, anywhere on the course.

    • Anonymous

      Same here– I live near Eastern Market and thought for sure I’d be in the delivery range. I guess I can always walk up to East Capitol to pick it up .

  • jeffb

    Anyone know how good their pizza is? Is it a top-tier place or more like Al’s (good but nothing to write home about)?

    • Anonymous

      Knowing how far Taylor has fallen from being one of the best sandwich shops in DC to an over-expanded also-ran with really bad bread, I don’t have a lot of hope for this place. Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Ordered two pies from them last night. The pizza was fantastic. I’m from Northern New Jersey and it’s a pretty good representation of NY-style pizza for this city. Also, the online delivery option has an order tracker so you can see what stage of the cooking/delivery process your order is in. The site quoted me a delivery time of 45-55 minutes, and it was there in about 50. So all in all, I was really impressed.

  • E in Rosedale

    I got a slice to go the other day and way pretty impressed. I’ll definitely order delivery from here. By far the best option in the area.

  • John M

    Did they just draw some random lines on a map or what? They deliver all the way to N. Capitol, but won’t go 5 blocks east to Kingman Park?

    • Tim Y.

      Agree with John, c’mon, let’s push that boundary to Oklahoma Ave. We like pizza.

    • Another Kingman Park-er

      +1!! Shawafel will deliver to Kingman Park… maybe we could order from here and ask if they could give the order to the Shawafel guy to deliver?


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