Washington, DC

3529 Connecticut Avenue, NW

I had been hearing some scuttlebutt that Palena could be closing after this Saturday’s service. I was unable to get any confirmation but yesterday CityPaper’s Jessica Sidman reported:

“An eviction notice dated Feb. 6 states that the restaurant owed a total of $125,779 in rent and other fees as of Jan. 31. The court approved a writ of restitution—which allows the landlord to take possession of the property—on March 7. Per that order, the U.S. Marshals Service must schedule an eviction within 75 days of that date.”

Very sad news if they can’t come up with the money. If Palena is forced to close they’ll follow the closing of longtime Cleveland Park restaurants Lavandou and Dino. More info on Palena when it becomes available.


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