Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

Noise from Blind Whino:

“I’m wondering if anyone has advice about handling noise from new establishments. I live in SW, close (but not too close!) to Blind Whino, an art gallery that opened last fall. I live next to the highway, so it’s not as if I have high standards when it comes to ambient noise. The noise coming from the gallery between 10 pm – 2 am this week, since the spring reopening, has been unbearable. Patrons screaming and shouting, music that makes my window panes vibrate, etc. What recourse do neighbors have in dealing with noise from establishments like this?

The police are aware of the gallery and are often parked directly outside, but haven’t seemed to control the noise much. I see people with beers around the gallery, so they probably have a license from ABRA, which might be another way to go about it.”

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