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The Bike Rack and Filter Coffee Coming to Brookland – “the first true bike shop/coffee shop concept in DC”

by Prince Of Petworth April 3, 2014 at 11:00 am 24 Comments

Monroe Street NE between Michigan Avenue and 7th Street NE

Brookland blowing up Vol. oh I can’t keep track anymore… We first heard about the possibility back in January and now it’s confirmed – from an email:

“Rasheed Jabr (owner of Filter Coffee) and I [Chuck Harney owner of the Bike Rack] have leased space on the Arts Walk of the Monroe Street Market development in Brookland. We will be opening The Bike Rack and Filter Coffee, the first true bike shop/coffee shop concept in DC. We expect to open later this summer. The building we will be located in happens to be next to the Metropolitan Branch Trail and the Metro Red Line.”

From a press release:

“Local businesses The Bike Rack and Filter Coffeehouse have leased a combined 2,546-square-foot space in the Brookland Works building, located along Monroe Street NE between Michigan Avenue and 7th Street NE. Construction is scheduled to begin shortly and the new establishment is expected to open in fall 2014.

The Bike Rack is a full-service, independent bike shop run by people who care about cycling and who strive to improve the cycling experience of every customer – with outstanding service and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The Bike Rack, with a current location at 1412 Q Street NW, works to build a strong cycling community with weekend rides, clinics, local partnerships, clubs, teams, and active involvement in local cycling advocacy.

Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar currently has two Washington, DC locations – one in Dupont Circle and one in Foggy Bottom. The shop offers hand-poured cups of carefully chosen single origin coffees, french pressed offerings in the morning hours, and classic espresso-based drinks – all chosen and prepared with an uncompromising commitment to quality and service. Filter’s coffees are carefully roasted by Ceremony Coffee, a local roaster in Annapolis, MD.”

  • gotryit

    That sounds awesome! As long as I don’t need to wear skinny jeans to get in.

    • DMV-ist

      I went to a place like this in Australia once called “The Spandex Bean” – awesome place with cup holders on the bikes.

  • bea

    that’s fantastic news. I love filter cafe.

  • Jesse

    Awesome news, but how is this different than CycleLife in Georgetown?

    • Reg

      Either CycleLife is not “true” or Georgetown is not in “DC”. Or both.

      • Jesse

        Maybe CycleLife refers to themselves as a Bike Shop & Coffee Shop as opposed to a Bike Shop/Coffee Shop.

    • Nicole

      I was just wondering that myself.

    • Never been to CycleLife but a quick search makes it seem like a bike shop that added a cafe area as an afterthought whereas Filter and Bike Rack are running two separately managed businesses with an open doorway between them. Filter also won’t be serving generic smoothies and pre-made salads and wraps by your Friendly Food Products Conglomerate.

      But I guess we’ll have to wait till this screwy concept thing opens to see if they’re actually different at all!

  • EvilStevie

    Last week I thought the Brookland sign was cool. This week it makes me think of zombies and cannibals.

    • Anonymous

      Any predictions for how it will make you feel for next week? ;-)

    • Anonymous

      hahahah It totally looks like Terminus!

  • Eponymous

    Know what’s douchey? Hating on things that other people like just because you have nothing better to do. If it’s not for you, cool. There are other inexpensive options in the area already (Askale, Murray and Paul’s), and it looks like more are on the way.

    • Eponymous

      Er… oops. Previous comment is gone.

  • Anony


    • Eloquently stated, o vaunted wordsmith. If only all internet commenters could achieve your balance of clarity and brevity.

      • Anony

        Thank you for getting me

  • Anon

    I still think the prime spot for this concept (or something similar) is the abandoned industrial buildings in Eckington right next to MBT

    • Jesse


    • PCC

      When this rumor surfaced, it was for a vacant space right next to the trail but hidden from the street.

  • wpk_dc

    Sounds great! And I fully concur that the staff at Bike Rack are some of the most helpful and friendly around. As for Filter, I’ve only been there a couple times. I should give it another try.

  • lmfb

    This is great. I love bikes and drinking coffee (though I’ve never been great at combining the two at once). I wish a bike shop would open in Bloomingdale!

  • Brooklander

    This is good, but Annapolis isn’t “local” when we have a GREAT coffee roaster called Zeke’s right on Rhode Island Avenue. Keep it truly local and serve quality organic beans roasted 1.3 miles down the road in DC and not 29 miles down the road in Maryland. It’s so close they could deliver on bike!

    • Coffeed

      Brooklander, I’m sorry to disagree with you, but any coffee professional or coffee enthusiast will tell you that Zeke’s is not even close to as good as Ceremony Coffee. Ceremony is good on a national level, and they’ve received a lot of praise nationally. I’m in the business, and I have never sold or represented either, but I’m very familiar with both. I’m even from Baltimore where Zeke’s is based and I still don’t care for it that much. There’s just no comparison quality wise. Local or not, quality should always prevail.

  • Sandra

    Cool! Great to see this neighborhood really turning around. For all the haters or folks with all the answers please just go ahead and open your own business with all your big ideas on how things should be or what things should cost. Take that risk. Put your money where your mouth is. For everyone else, continue supporting small businesses! You all rock!


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