Washington, DC

Photo: Nicole MacCorkle/Smithsonian’s National Zoo

We knew Bao Bao might venture outside this week – suffice it to say – she’s digging it. From the National Zoo:

“Tall tale of the day: Bao Bao climbed a tree this morning. It was the highest she’s been yet!”

“The trees all have metal collars around them, which prevent Bao Bao from climbing to any height that could be potentially dangerous. Bao Bao has climbed up and down the tree in Mei’s yard successfully several times today. Although Bao Bao is enjoying her time in the tree, our keepers want to be sure she comes down before the end of the day. As part of her training, first they will call her to see if she will come down on her own. If she doesn’t respond, they will use a ladder to retrieve her. Bao Bao is perfectly safe and exhibiting expected cub behavior.”

Photo: Smithsonian’s National Zoo


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