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  • Anonymous

    the green line ain’t so bad when i’m the only one on it!

  • Johnny rides the Silver Bullet train to the filming of the next Coors Light action commercial…

    • Or maybe, I should have gone with: Johnny rides the new Silver (Bullet) line to the filming of the next Coors Light action commercial…

  • John

    dude, where’s my car

  • NorthbyNE

    After nine hours and with the summit nowhere in sight Tom realized getting high before getting on the “chair lift” was a bad decision.

    • jake

      +1 nailed it.

    • Anonymous

      +1 pretty funny.

  • a long ride home after PyeongChang 2018 tryouts

  • Anonymous

    up to columbia heights, down to u street. up to columbia heights, down to u street. up to columbia heights, down to u street.

    • Anonymous


    • !!!


  • Tall E

    Whoa, this is so much better than the chair lift. Might have to take one more run though rock creek today.

  • amber

    While support for bringing the 2024 Summer Olympics to DC was gaining traction, a movement to add Slopestyle Metro to the next winter games failed to gather strength.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly the new 420 series metro trains are frequently mistaken for ski lifts.

  • Ron

    bored boarder onboard

  • Ron

    Imagine the confusion when he exits at Vienna and can’t find the Alps.

    • LJ

      nicely done, +1

    • Anonymous


  • MB

    Charlie is starting to worry that he may be on the MTA this morning.

  • Sue

    “Next stop, Fairbanks, Alaska. Please stand clear of the doors.”

  • Nf

    To the windowwwwww! To the slopes!

    • Anonymous

      ..+1, I see what you did there :)

    • CT


  • Meg

    The Capital Hill slope was…disappointing.

  • mayhemnsuz

    Ft. Reno: Winter Edition

  • lemon

    He’s going to be sorely disappointed when he gets to the Mount Vernon metro stop.

  • Trinidaddy

    My recent issues with the DMV will NOT prevent me from a Saturday at Whitetail!

  • Anonymous

    Bonjour, Pepe le Douche

  • Anonymous

    i thought at least one run would be open during single tracking!

  • Anonymous

    Please remember to use all doors when boarding Metro.

  • DFern

    I am never wearing this leopard print scarf again. Everyone keeps staring at me.

  • Dan L

    The 2048 metro expansion to Massanutten was not as popular as the the studies indicated.

  • JT

    Damn, I fell asleep and missed the Olympics.

  • Anonymous

    solving the “last mile” problem

  • JDub

    He didn’t get what a two hour snow delay meant.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet gondola, brah.

  • Tapes

    As if we needed more proof that snowboarders are potheads…

  • Anon-y-mouse

    The obvious result to the following equation:
    Liberalized marijuana laws + a threat of snow in DC + “Last Train To Nowhere”

  • J

    I’m starting to think this train isn’t going to the slopestyle course.

  • Ste

    Not rad at all, WMATA.

  • megdc

    When I saw the green circle on the map I was like sa-weet, they got slopes in D.C. now too?!

  • Apes

    I could have sworn the signs said this was the Polar Express…

  • Alex

    New to snowboarding, Danny misunderstood what “riding the rails” really meant.

  • bananymous

    With the onset of global climate change, sending under-performing Russian Olympians to Siberia is no longer the harshest form of punishment Putin can dish out. After coming in dead last in snowboard cross, Ivan Petrovski has been sentenced to 100 days of continuous travel throughout the DC Metrorail system. Numerous human rights organizations have publicly stated their condemnations.

  • Anonymous

    On his way home from the Olympics, Sean White finally understands the phrase “how the mighty have fallen”

    • Anonymous

      +1 my fav so far!

  • Anonymoos

    I guess the only moguls here are in congress.

  • LittleMillet

    It’s been HOW many stops from Sochi?

  • Beau

    Mt. Pleasant: where dreams of snowboarding go to die.

  • The Jimmy

    A day without snowboarding is like a day on the metro.

  • ncjohn

    How far out of DC does the new silver line go again?

  • Anonymous

    This is just a server commuting to work at one of the Jose Andres’s restaurants

  • Adam

    Is this the lift for the black diamonds?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, at least I’m not clipping my nails.

  • dcrach

    Metro announced its plans to build a new line to are ski resorts. This guy jumped the gun.

  • opv

    After destroying the district’s population during the March snowball fight, Charlie couldn’t muster the energy to snowboard down to SW

  • (METRO) Welcome to Washington, D.C., the home of the decrepit snow blowers, not snowboarders. You may exit at any stop (no matter how long it takes) and dig your way out of the Station. drmrs 3/5/2014


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