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  • ERL

    I’m pretty sure this house belongs to noted urbanist (and great advocate for cities) Jeff Speck. Very cool design story which I was lucky enough to hear when he gave a talk…

  • I walked past this house every day last summer while working on the Cardozo renovation and really liked how it ‘worked’. An architect friend and I were biking past one weekend and had stopped to discuss it when the owner pulled up. He had his kids in tow and groceries to unload, but was nevertheless quite willing to discuss, briefly, how the house came to be.

    Imagination running wild, I spent the next several weekends scouring PIVS and Redfin for empty triangle lots. I found one that would make a very cool, challenging project for somebody. I just bought a house, so it won’t be me (at least not yet).

  • Sydney

    Excellent. Lots more opportunities for imaginative use of difficult spaces — especially in Shaw — but getting past the community associations, the ANCs and the zoning board is tough. Old timers fear density, and most folks don’t understand that not all houses have to be the same.

    • Jack

      I was working a the Howard University admin building next door to this house when it was built. It was built prior to the economic surge for DC, long before most of the giant condo buildings went up. That entire block is full of tiny old row houses that were selling for around $50-$60k at the time… That was a symbol of a big change coming to DC. There was another builder who had a modern designed house down on W street made from a plywood frame that collapsed in a big wind storm around 2000 as well. Then logan circle property values started surging and all the dilapidated houses on that block began to get claimed. There was one house on the block with this triangle house that had a side wall bulging into the alley so much that it was on the brink of collapsing. I just drove by a month ago to see it all redone. That old neighborhood was so bad back then that I pulled up to park there one day and a hooker got into my car and told me to pull around the corner, when I was simply going to work, I had to yell at her to get out of my car. Amazing how DC was so desolate for so many years and now it’s a gold mine.

  • Roger T.

    Gentrification sucks. Really wish this had stayed a vacant lot covered in needles.


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