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Appliance Repair Recommendations?

“Does anyone have know of any good appliance repair people in the District. My dishwasher is not really washing my dishes.”

Done a dig-out under your porch and kept your brick columns?

“I want to do a basement dig-out, including digging out under the porch. But I have two brick columns in the front of the porch. Once contractor said that if we wanted to keep the same bricks that it would be easier to take apart the columns and rebuild them. Another said it would be easier to keep the columns up, underpin them, and pour new foundations.

The cheapest thing to do would be to remove the columns completely and rebuild them with new bricks. But they’re the weird beige color bricks, which are hard to find and to match with the house.

So has anyone done a dig-out under the porch and kept the brick columns by underpinning them? Or by removing and rebuilding them?”

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