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Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Eckington

by Prince Of Petworth — March 7, 2014 at 3:00 pm 14 Comments

38 Rhode Island Avenue Northeast

This rental is located at ” target=”_blank”>38 Rhode Island Avenue, Northeast. The listing says:

“Great location just a block from Bloomingdale! BRAND NEW First floor apartment! Wood floors, ceramic, brand new bathroom with qualitiy fixtures and features! Kitchen granite, stainless and more. Driveway parking space available for an additional $75.00 per month, otherwise street parking. Security alarm service included in rent. Wash/Dryer in the unit. Great place!”

You can see some more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $2,050/Mo.

  • Anonymous

    I often wondered how much I could rent my place for. I am a block from here actually in Bloomingdale but two bed two bath and penthouse with roof deck and 2 car parking. Does $3500 sound too high? If this is going for 2125 with one car parking………….

    • anon

      I think you would probably max out around 3k.

    • dcreal

      Just your parking alone is worth $300. Unless it’s a family I think most people wouldn’t want to pay $1750 to share a space, when they can get a 1 bedroom apartment in that price range.

      • sarah

        parking’s still not worth quite that much in bdale/eckington. street parking is becoming more difficult, but i think you’d be crazy to rent a space for $300/month when it’s not that tough to find it on the street.

        • jumpingjack

          I don’t know the Bloomingdale parking space market, but I think they meant $300 for two spaces, which seems more reasonable.

          • sarah

            honestly i still think you’d be crazy to rent it for $150 but that’s just me.

        • Anonymous

          +1 Yeah, no….parking spaces are not going for anywhere near 300 bones/mo in that neighborhood.

  • sarah

    first floor? this is obviously a basement, and it’s overpriced. i feel like people tack on at least $300/month just for the virtue of not being a basement.

    also anon: my place in bdale is 2 floors above ground (main level and then an upstairs), 3 beds 3 baths, backyard and 2 parking spaces. and it’s $2850. i think you could get away with $3k-3100 but $3500 is a bit much. to think, i used to rent a 4bd, 2 ba, 3-level house in bdale with 2 spaces for $2400 with a few other people. this of course was about 4 years ago…was before bdale became the draw it is now…

    • anon

      When did you begin your lease at your current apartment? I think it would be very difficult for you to find a 3 bed 3 bath apartment with a yard and parking for 2850 in bloomingdale today.

      • sarah

        last july, a 2 year lease, to boot! granted i’m on adams, so not “central” bloomingdale but a 5 minute walk to first and RI. i will admit i’ve had good luck in bdale over the last couple years – before this place i lived in a slightly smaller 3bd, 3 level house for 2 years that also had 2 spots. also on adams st – total there was about $2600 (rent went up $50 the second year). so there are still deals to be had, but it’s getting rare.

  • Reality Check

    Way overpriced. Honestly.

  • JohnDC

    That’s no 1st level apartment, it’s an english basement. Look at those windows. I hate misleading advertising.

  • gloomingdale

    Oh helllll no. > $2K for an English basement in Eckington!

  • anon

    It’s in line with what’s available on craigslist even if it seems overpriced.


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