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Dear PoPville – Rash of Package Thefts in Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth — March 19, 2014 at 11:45 am 12 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to let all my neighbors know about the rash of package thefts my block has been experiencing. Late last year the 200 block of Florida Ave NW was hit with thefts of packages, but over the past few weeks- it seems like it is happening again. 3 out of the 4 units in my condo building have experienced package theft within the past few weeks of March. When I spoke with our neighborhood commissioner, she informed the MPD vice unit about the alleged thefts happening on our block. When the MPD spoke to me- they said that recently district 1 was hard hit with package thefts, and it seems that specific blocks have been targeted in the past. Please keep an eye out, and if you see something- say something!”

  • Anonymous

    Give your mail delivery person a key to the building so packages are dropped off in the common lobby. I’m in a small condo building (12 units) in the U Street area and all our packages arrive in the lobby (our mailboxes are also located inside). No one has ever had a package go missing. If our stuff was sitting on the front steps, it would probably go missing within minutes.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve had a package stolen from inside my building lobby. No one wants to be seen as rude and refuse to let a person you don’t recognize into your building, but that’s what you have to start doing.

      • Anonymous

        This too.
        You should put a permanent sign on the door so residents are reminded. It also helps provide a bit of cover if you need to deny someone entry (“Sorry, I can’t let you in, the sign says we’re not allowed to let in people who were not buzzed in.”)

  • shaw

    This is a huge issue for many folks … anyone have any suggestions for other delivery options? I work in the federal government, so work isn’t an option … UPS store? Rent a mailbox?

    • Truxton Thomas

      Move into a 12-unit condo building and give the mail carrier a key to the lobby.

      • Anonymous

        Many buildings in the city do this. It won’t help the owner of a SFH, but it’s a good solution for anyone who is in an apartment building that doesn’t have a door man.

      • Anonymous

        I just moves out of an apartment building, and we definitely had packages stolen from the lobby pretty regularly.

  • Anonymous

    Many years ago, I rented a box at a UPS store to receive packages. It’s inconvenient and not cheap, but may be worth the expense if you order a high volume of goods online.

  • spookiness

    Make friends with people who can accept packages. Ship to a ups store, FedEx/kinkos, or a mom pop ship/copy store. It seems this issue resurfaces on POP every two months or so.

  • Anonymous

    So glad I have a staffed concierge desk, this would be extremely aggravating.

  • Anonymous

    I live on Lamont between Sherman and Georgia, and we’ve had a string of package thefts on the block, as well. I had a package stolen, and have found multiple other empty packages on the block that have been discarded after being stolen. I spoke to our mailperson about it and he said the street is hot right now.

    Yesterday a man approached me on the street trying to sell me a light-up dog collar from a big duffle bag he had. I think there is a good chance he had stolen that collar from a package, but have no way to prove it.. He said it was a gift, but I find that unlikely.

  • Rebecca

    We have this problem on and off in our neighborhood (I live at 9th and T NW) and one of our neighbors arranged for the local corner shop to receive and hold packages for the neighbors. It’s a win-win, bc it gets people into a shop that hadn’t been getting a lot of business previously, and gives those of us in SFHs a convenient way to receive our packages.


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