• Anonymous

    “Hey, all your mail falls into one big pile and people can reach through the gate and pick it up!”
    Looks nice and I’m sure that custom gate was pricey, but that mail situation would aggravate me to no end. PLANNING FAIL.

    • it looks like they are planning on installing some sort of mail boxes. see all the small holes drilled around each of the mail slots?

  • Nice gate!
    I haven’t taken the virtual tour yet, but it looks like they did a pretty nice job with the exterior.
    I’m not a big fan of that red thing on the street-level corner (looks like that was where the front door used to be), or the siding on the upstairs back and corner at the opposite end, but otherwise, I like it.

    • Anonymous

      I live across the street from the house and the red doors drive me crazy! Everything about the house is beautiful until you see the red. Such a poor choice.

    • ItsPetworthIt

      I agree… red doors are supposed to be good luck.

  • wdc

    I love the metalwork doors. The interiors are of course as bland and boring as they come. But I’m not complaining. It’s good that they rehabbed the existing building rather than tearing it down.
    The condo conversion on the corner of Holmead and Meridian sold pretty quickly, at similar prices. So while I wouldn’t call it a good deal, it’ll probably go for close to that.
    Does anyone know if the church next door is still active? I dont’ see as much activity around there as I used to…

    • JS

      Unit #1’s under contract for 824K, so I guess they’ll get their price.

      • Anonymous

        I thought sales price wasn’t made public til settlement.

    • Anonymous

      the little church is still active with about 5 people there on Sundays

  • alpinepaq

    The “study room” off the kitchen/living/dining seems to be the only big misstep in these places. If they had instead put the kitchen there, they could have created a far larger common area, and perhaps even separated living from dining, which is really nice if you have a household full, which you presumably would (with kids or with roommates) in a 3BR apartment.


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