Washington, DC

From the MPD-1D Listserv, MPD responds to a query about a dog shot at 8th and C NE:

“At approximately 2:15 today, First District officers on patrol discharged their weapons at 2 pitbulls running at large in the area. The dogs had reportedly attacked several citizens in the area beforehand.

One dog succumbed to his injuries on the scene and the second was seized by Animal Control Officers. The owner of the dogs has been identified and will be cited accordingly.

There were no serious injuries sustained to the victims of this animal attack.”


“On March 13, 2014, at around 2:00 PM, First District officers on routine patrol in the 800 block of C Street, Northeast, interrupted (2) loose pit bulls attacking a citizen’s dogs by fatally shooting one of the pit bulls, and injuring the other. The animals were recovered by the D.C. Animal Control Agency.

The on scene investigation revealed that prior to the attack that the officers witnessed, the pit bulls had bitten a citizen, and attacked another dog at 10th & Maryland Avenue, Northeast. The citizen was treated on the scene for her injuires by DCFD, and released. There were no injuries to the officers.

This case is currently being investigated by First District personnel and the D.C. Animal Control Agency.”


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