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  • Anonymous

    its a douglas building. There are a few vacants near me that have gotten the same recent window treatment. Guess dcra inspectors see a sticker of a window and are easily fooled that the building isn’t blighted.

  • Meese is a Pig!

    I think there’s a ‘Ghosts of DC’ on this turn of the century-era millionaire’s row. If I recall correctly these are the remaining structures…which Douglas Development is speculated to be hoping that these former residences will crumble and fall to the ground while they stall to acquire the adjoining properties (including the youth hostel) as well as to avoid having to deal w/ the related historic preservation issues. Someone in PoPville knows the deal….

  • anon

    Demolition by neglect. Yet no one (of importance) cares.

  • Anonymous

    both of those buildings add character to the streets. would be a shame to have them demolished

  • Annon

    Lipstick on (formerly pretty) pig. Sad.

  • jcm

    It’s amazing to me that this place isn’t classified as vacant or blighted. It was listed as Pending in the first half 2013 list, but I don’t believe there’s been any action on it. Here’s the building info if anyone wants to join me in asking CM Evans about it. Maybe his campaign will convince him to push on it.

    Address: 1001 11TH ST NW
    SSL: 0342 0809

    • annonny

      Haha, exactly. No way Evans is going to do anything about this as long as the Doug Jamal moneytrain keeps pulling into the Wilson building.

  • h st ll

    Yes, these need to be saved.

  • Anonymous

    Does this count as yet another of Douglas Jemal’s illegal billboards?

  • And she was of course tipped to the property by a PoPville post: https://www.popville.com/2012/03/so-much-potential-at-11th-and-k-st-nw/

  • duponter

    I know nothing about this space, but am curious if Douglas is simply holding onto it until he can wrestle away the hostel next door and have a large enough footprint to build another big glass box office or condo building? While I don’t necessarily think these building facades should be razed, at some point you have to ask, would you rather have a new building there or a shell of an old one that isn’t even being properly utilized in a very busy part of the city?


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