The Post Endorses Muriel Bowser for Mayor

by Prince Of Petworth February 21, 2014 at 8:30 am 76 Comments


From the Post’s editorial board:

“By contrast, Ms. Bowser has articulated an agenda that balances the need for continued economic growth with an understanding of the stresses growth can bring. We believe she would be a force for continued progress — in economic development, public safety and education — while working to help people and neighborhoods that might otherwise be left behind.”

  • Ugh. She may have “articulated an agenda” but she hasn’t done a damn thing in her time as my Council rep. In fact, as a resident on the southern edge of Ward 4, I can say I’ve never seen Muriel in my ‘hood since she was elected to Council.

    • no horse in this race

      Bowser got ethics legislation passed. That’s worth something.

      By contrast, what legislation has Wells gotten through since the bag tax? He’s an empty suit. Evans is pretty good at giving city owned properties to developers for a nickel, but not much else.

      It’s pretty much a toss-up between Gray and Bowser, which means this is Gray versus Fenty 2.0. We saw how that movie went already.

      • StatingTheObvious

        Her “ethics legislation” is worthless, filled with loopholes and exemptions. Of course, that would describe her mayorship if she were elected, too.

        • whoa_now

          It’s also worth point out that the entire council votes against Wells whenever possible. He has no friends – which is either a good thing or a bad thing when you look at him as a candidate. Wells put forth a much more stringent ethics legislation and everyone balked…so yes she passed a ethic legislation that is very very watered down.

          • Anonymous

            He’s not a corrupt misfit, so he doesn’t, um, fit in.

    • StubsDC


    • The Scoreboard

      The campaign office is literally in your neighborhood of you live on the southern edge of Ward 5. She is around there all the time.

      • I live in 4, not 5. Assuming you mean the office on GA Ave north of the library, I’m referring to the area south of that, which yes, is still technically in her ward and runs for another half mile to the south.

        • Anonymous

          I live on the southern (very southern) end of the ward and I have seen her multiple times in the neighborhood. And not just at scheduled community meetings (assuming you don’t attend those, because she speaks at them not infrequently).

          When she was canvassing for her ward level seat she stopped and talked to many people on my block for 5-10 minutes each. One of my neighbors raise an issue related to owning a small business and her team followed up with him repeatedly over the course of 5-6 months to help get his issue resolved.

          I don’t think she’s magical or anything. But I can’t stand Evans and what has Tommy Wells accomplished exactly?

    • Bowser sucks

      Yep, us too. I came here to say the same thing. “…people and neighborhoods that might otherwise be left behind,” damn, she already left us behind, and we ARE “her neighborhood.” What does that tell you?

    • saf

      I have. She stops by here once in a while to try to convince us that the new Safeway is GREAT!

      Never gets anything actually done though.

  • grr

    Tommy Wells 4 life

  • madmonk28

    I guarantee that no one who wrote that endorsement lives in Ward 4 (or could find it on a map). Bowser has been MIA at her job ever since she started running for mayor.

    • NoMuriel

      She has also been MIA at her post as a WMATA board member, until a few days ago. She proposed making it easier for Metro to hire Felons. Because that is the #1 priority when it comes to improving Metro…

  • theheights

    The Post continues to show how out of touch it is with its home city.

    • Anonymous

      The Post has been out of touch with the whole world for decades.

      • WARD4NDC

        LOL; I live in the 16th Street Heights Civic Association boundaries. I will not be voting for Muriel. The woman has no compassion and her constituent and committee staff services are non existence to most Ward 4 voters/residents. I’m voting for Vincent Gray.

  • bb

    I remain unconvinced. I mean, what does she really stand for? Even the Bowser campaign worker who came to my doorstep couldn’t articulate her platform beyond the corruption issue. My vote is still up for grabs.

    • Anonymous

      +1 Bowser herself came to my door campaigning and I asked her about the position on the defining issue of our neighborhood (the McMillan site, literally right across the street) and she seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. Then I asked her about schools (which we’re starting to consider) and she gave just nodded and said, “Yes, our schools are a priority!”

  • bb

    The Post is also reporting that Bowser just came out against the Reeves Center-for-Soccer-Stadium swap. Not sure what in the world that has to do with middle schools, but that’s her reason.


    • NoMuriel

      She’s “on the fence”.

      Which is her position on just about everything, until she gets more polling data.

  • gotryit

    I’m so glad I don’t pay for the Washington Post

    • anon

      I’m so glad I stopped reading it over a decade ago! The only thing they print worth reading is the comic strip Pearls Before Swine. And I can read that online.

  • carlosthedwarf

    At this point, those of us who live car-free just have to resign ourselves to four years of anti-bike, anti-pedestrian, and anti-transit policy. She’s a step back for the livability of this city, but there’s no one who’s going to beat her.

    • gotryit

      Catania in the general election? That’s my thought on fall back if Bowser wins the primary.

      • carlosthedwarf

        I don’t know enough about him to know if he’d be better.

      • L

        That would be great… he’s already got my vote. Here’s hoping!

      • Anonymous

        Bowser may be underwhelming, but at least she’s not a batshit lunatic.

        • L

          Do you mean Catania? Just curious about when/why he was a batshit lunatic… maybe I missed that in the news/blogs!

      • Chris

        Catania’s got my vote. He’s the only one who stands a strong chance of beating the corrupt mayor Gray.

        • Anonymous

          This doesn’t sound right to me. My sense is that from a citywide perspective Catania is either a) not known or b) thought of as vaguely crazy. I personally have a neutral and not-that-well informed view of him. I don’t see how he could even come close to getting the number of votes required to beat Gray – not this year anyway.

        • Duponter

          There is zero chance Catania will beat Gray. The only way he might have beaten Gray is to have run against him in the Dem primary. But of course, we all know he isn’t really a Democrat either.

          He is the only openly gay councilmember and even most gays I know would never vote for him.

          • gotryit

            Graham isn’t openly gay?

          • Nathan

            Graham is very openly gay.

      • saf

        Oh god, no. He’s just mean.

        • Anon

          Amen to that. He’s a mean SOB. I usually don’t vote based on personality, but I might make an exception in this case and go with anyone other than him.

      • WARD4NDC

        Catania is too surly.

  • Thought

    If I was Muriel Bowser the first thing I would do today is remove the giant campaign banner from the old Lourdes Bakery on 14th and Monroe. Nothing screams “bad news” more than a campaign sign on a condemned building with a stop work order on the window.
    After that I would fire my campaign staff for placing that sign.
    Then I would fly out to Seattle, Portland, Houston, or any other number of cities and see how a downtown soccer stadium can be good for the community. Seriously, Muriel, when kids are running around with handguns is it a bad thing to turn down employment opportunities and recreational partnerships?
    Finally, I would finish my day reading the asbestos study on the Reeves Center before turning in for the night.
    Sweet dreams, Muriel!

  • Dave

    Never thought I’d say this but it looks like I’ll be voting for Gray in the democratic primary at this point. At least we know he hasn’t royally screwed things up for the city. Now I just have to register as a democrat.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, was a pretty strong Fenty supporter last time around. But, given the current candidates, I’m going to hold my nose and vote for Gray. If it looks like Bowser if winning, I might volunteer for him.

      • Truxton Thomas

        I’m leaning the same way. Honestly, Gray’s campaign controversy was an ugly start, and I hate his “I didn’t do anything” messaging, which makes him sound like a child. But he really hasn’t given much reason to vote against him based on his governance.

        • 20011

          You mean other than the could be arrested and charged with felonies for campaign finance violations? Well why the F not vote for Gray then?

          You morons give gentrifiers a bad rep.

          • Truxton Thomas

            I did clarify that I was talking about his governance as mayor, but thanks for calling me a moron anyway. Always helpful for rational discussion!

    • sbc

      Agreed. It is such a hassle and expense to change administrations (all new agency heads, new signage everywhere) and I just don’t like any of the other Democratic candidates enough to think having them elected would be worth that.

    • Anonymous

      I would vote for Tommy Wells but I don’t think he has a snowball’s chance to get elected. In light of that fact, Gray is (sadly) my top choice over all the other candidates.

  • ET

    I have to say that my vote is up for grabs for the most part. I do know that I am not voting for Evans and being Ward 6 I haven’t felt Wells has done much so he isn’t really in the running. Beyond that I just don’t know.

    • Anonymous

      I’m fairly new to Ward 6 (within the last year and a half), but it’s been my understanding that most people in my area really like Wells. I’m curious why you think he hasn’t done much?

      • ET

        I like Wells which has nothing to do with what he has/hasn’t done. He is personable and I suspect we agree on most issues but I can’t actually point to anything.

        While I don’t consider myself obsessed over every council action I am aware and it just doesn’t seem like he has done much of anything – good or bad. I know he hasn’t been on the council long and maybe that has something to do with.

  • Anonymous

    Curious why those in the comments are anti-Evans? Real curiosity here (new to DC politics), not just trying to start something.

    • Truxton Thomas

      I think there’s a vocal contingency that see him as in the pockets of corporations. But his business experience seems valuable to me, and I generally support his policy views and agree with what he says. He’s a viable candidate, in my opinion, and probably my top choice at this point if I choose not to vote for the incumbent.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        He is so pro the corporate interests and anti the people who actually live in his ward.

        • Truxton Thomas

          Well, I’m convinced now. Thank you for clarifying.

      • Anonymous

        usually the folks who claim he is in the pocket of corporations are the same ones who also cheering for every new condo development, bar or restaurant in the ward built, owned, operated, or bankrolled by these very same corporations.

        • gotryit

          It is possible to be both in favor of development and in favor of a fair playing field for the developers.

    • StatingTheObvious

      Because he’s a crook who’s vote is for sale to the top dollar.

    • GiantSquid

      Evans lost any possibility of my vote when he said he was for increasing the speed limit in the city and removing traffic cameras. DC is a city, slower is safer for everyone.

      • Nathan


    • Anonymous

      He’s obsessed with sportz to the point of being a child. Not good for someone who would be in a position to foster further taxpayer handouts to corporations.

      • Nathan

        Remember the report on all the sports tickets Jack gave away to corporations, his friends, and his family. Not one single report on a single sports ticket given to a Ward 2 resident. Big Corp Jack and Self- Jack.

    • Anon

      Having dealt with him on some school-related issues, my $.02 is that Jack Evans doesn’t give a flying fig about anything other than Jack Evans. He was a Johnny-come-lately to the Garrison and Francis-Stevens closure fights yet claimed credit when the parents and community really did all the work (Jim Graham too, for that matter). He’s been told over and over again that the lack of a Ward 2 high school is a deal breaker for a lot of families that would otherwise stay in the District, yet all we get from him is empty rhetoric and no action. On education issues, he’s MIA until there’s an opportunity to be quoted and after that he shrinks back into the shadows, only to reappear again with a disingenuous quote when he needs something (like a campaign endorsement).

      • Anon

        To clarify, I mean that Graham stole some credit where none was deserved.

    • Nathan

      Jack Evans is a career politician that beds with high dollar corps. Jack is all about Jack and is pointless to his residents in Ward 2. Jack is constantly seen on his cell phone while driving, Jack is almost always parked in no parking zones, in front of fire hydrants, in bus lanes, in front of bus stops or wherever he can park throughout the day and overnight in these restricted areas in the neighborhood of his home. Sure, the law says Jack can do that because he’s a council member- but should he? No. Jack Evans doesn’t do diddly for Ward 2 because as we all know Ward 2 is one of the easiest Wards to oversee. Jack doesn’t have what it takes run the entire city. Ward 6, Ward 8 and such would eat Jack Evans alive.

  • Chris

    I think she has done a terrible job representing her home Ward where I live and would hate to see what she would do if trying to run the whole city. If you ever meet her, ask her about a specific issue and enjoy watching her twist in the wind before resorting to boilerplate.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I lived in Ward 2 for 20+ years and Jack Evans doesn’t represent my best interests. He was never responsive to our condo concerns, although he sends out nice Christmas cards. I lived in Ward 4 for two years and never heard a peep from Muriel. As far as I’m concerned it’s time for some fresh blood. I now live next door to Busboys and Poets and am very favorable to Andy Shalall. One poll I saw recently had Tommy Wells in first place and Shalall in second. I think he could make up the difference with his business savvy.

    • Truxton Thomas

      Was that poll sponsored by NORML?

    • Nathan

      I’ll make a deal with you. If Andy adds a new dish to the menus at Busboy’s, Eatonville and Luna Grill I’ll vote for him. Otherwise I’m convinced that his policies will be just the same old same old. Like his menus.

  • David T.


    I disagree with some of the comments. I live near the southern border of Ward 4, and she has been instrumental in getting us improvements. She cobbled together the funding to get us a wonderful new Raymond Community Center on the southern border of the Ward, and that is after decades of false promises to the many neighbors who worked hard to make it happen. She was the person who finally got action on the infamous Stinky Safeway. She was the one who took the steps to get us the Yes Organic. She got us the tax incentives we needed to get abandoned properties back into productive use. She got us the comprehensive traffic study we requested, even if DDOT has yet to implement the recommendations. And there was the support for the mostly below-market apartment buildings in the 3900 and 4100 blocks of Georgia. She has steadfastly stood up for education, and notably for special needs eduation (Bridges Public Charter, Sharpe Health). She has my support. Those and many other projects have a direct impact on the quality of life in my neighborhood, and they have nothing to do with big projects that have little to do with our everyday lives.

  • ward four disenchanted

    I have lived in Ward 4 for more than 20 years. Fenty was a decent CM for our ward, but out-of-touch on many issues as Mayor. Muriel is out-of-touch as CM, and has almost no vision as a Mayoral candidate. if you care about transit, mobility, energy conservation or sustainability, good luck with Mayor Muriel. She knows very little, has shown virtually no interest in learning about these issues, and DC would suffer serious setbacks from the road to progress we have been on (largely thanks to Williams, not hampered too badly by Fenty, but dramatically advanced by Gray). At best we can expect benign neglect. At worst, retrenchment. Ask CM Bowser about streetcars on GA Ave, and you’ll get a solid “meh.” That is a serious lack of vision, especially for the ward CM who claims to be about jobs and economic development.

  • RB

    Muriel Bowser has my vote. The WaPo clearly articulated everything I believe. I think she is the most well-rounded candidate. In my mind, she has done the best job articulating her plan. Granted, she is my council member, so I am biased. However, her office has been so responsive and she is on top of everything in Ward 4. She would bring this same operation to the city as a whole. Good luck Muriel!

    • NoMuriel

      How did the post articulate how she was a good candidate? It spent 3/4 of the article trashing Gray and 2 sentences saying why Bowser the Empty Suit deserves our vote.

  • kook47797

    Gray’s got my vote. He’s proven to be a competent technocrat with a sober temperament that eases the tension that comes with growth, development and changing demographics. He’s a old dude who’s not trying to use the mayoral platform for some greater agenda or to line empty pockets. I’ve dealt with him on a personal level and have found him to be as knowledgeable and sincere as any politician I’ve encountered. My panties are in a bunch about the shadow campaign nonsense. It’s water under the bridge, and frankly political child’s play to what goes on all the time. Bowser seems like a nice woman, but just comes across as a light weight compared to Gray. Jack Evans is my councilman, and is been terrible at constituent services. (by contract, I have gotten direct responses from the mayor’s office regarding issues and questions I’ve raised). You can barely get any kind of response from his office. Cantania is petty, grandstanding, blowhart. Wells doesn’t seem to have the energy for the job.

  • Miss Lu Lu Hog

    I will not voting for Muriel Bowser.

    Ward 4 Voter

  • Having had the opportunity to work in the Wilson Building a couple of years ago, go to loads of hearings, and see all of the CMs interact with the public, their staff, and each other, the person who continually impressed me the most was CM Wells. Very smart and down to earth. I like the way he approached the issues, interacted with the constituents, and his passion for doing the right thing.

  • Dux

    She’s done nothing, I just heard two things about her, slowing the speed to 15 miles per hour from 20 and being the crisis manager for Macombo Lounge when one of their pole dancers got murdered at the sidewalk, she was there making sure that business was not closed. I hope the WaPo support is a kiss of death for her poor performance.

  • Anon

    I just got a boiler-room telemarketing call on behalf of Muriel Bowser. The telemarketing company used a Caller ID of “Robert Shuff”, which — after googling — I found happens to be the name of an obscure Bowser staffer.

    I’m not sure that this kind of telemarketing practice is the right way to convince voters that this will be a more “open and honest” administration.

  • BW

    I think we all know what Bowser did to the last place as a chief executive. Ever heard of the mushroom kingdom?

    You’re welcome.


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