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  • Redbeard

    James roommates let his six screen computer set up slide, but his newest Porn Hub channel was the last straw

  • ZK

    The Chewman Show

    • Sebrof

      I actually got a kick out of this one.

  • textdoc

    The NSA is now keeping tabs on EVERYBODY.

  • CAS

    NSA’s surveillance takes a weird, weird turn.

  • monkeydaddy

    The drone strike on the Chinese embassy may have been an “accident,” but some things you just don’t forgive.

  • albany

    Ugh, panda porn is the worst. It’s as if they wouldn’t screw to save their own species.

  • gotryit

    Fight about it all you want… “weed” has been legal for this big bear for a loong time now.

  • Soozles

    Bao Bao just hasn’t yet developed quite the same tolerance for weed as her mom.

    • Anonymous

      This! Lol

  • Los

    Better than the Super Bowl or it’s commercials.

  • Ron

    Maul Security.

    • xmal


  • JPK

    No wonder they have trouble procreating

  • lemon

    And I thought I watched the panda cam a lot at my job.

    • Anonymous


  • Erin

    He sees you when you’re sleeping.
    He knows when you’re awake…

  • Anonymous

    Major Crimes knew Marlo was on to the wire when the video feeds started showing the National Zoo pandas in Washington, DC.

  • artemis

    In this installment of the Hunger Games, Bao Bao vows to defeat Katniss Everdeen in the battle of bamboo shoots. May the odds be ever in your favor, panda.

  • Anonymous

    In the National Human Zoo’s newest exhibit they coax the man out of the cage with a decoy Panda on a flatscreen.

  • Jack5

    The National Zoo developed this $40,000 state of the art monitoring system and we pay that guy $90,000 a year to catch every sneeze the pandas make so that in the event they do sneeze, we can immediately upload the video to YouTube, but mostly, it’s just recording video of them eating bamboo.

  • Shawn

    “Guards knew that the yard was where the shit went down, and kept especially close tabs on the leaders of the prison’s Chinese gang…”

  • georgia ave gentleman

    “It puts the bamboo on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again!”

    • Anonymous


  • ST

    Mei Xiang, seen here celebrating the advancement of the Simple Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana Decriminalization Act of 2013. Alas, Mei will not be allowed to smoke in her den, citing Mendelson’s sentiment, “I do not want the public smoking of marijuana around my kid — I do not.”

  • Anonymous

    After sliding a quarter in the slot, Jim is shocked to learn that his beloved Susie lives a double life under the stage name Mei Xiang.

  • Anonymous

    “Hey, can screen shot this just in case the government shuts down again? You know I need my daily panda cam.”

  • Sebrof

    I know post-Super Bowl is a quiet time for sports, but this is a new low for the Las Vegas sportsbooks

  • This is what I do when I’m not arguing with internet trolls.

  • NoNo

    This new reality TV show has more brain and vocabulary than Jersey Shore and the Kardashians together…

  • ClayVe

    Ira Levin doing research in his later years; thankfully he decided NOT to write “Splinter,” his proposed follow-up to “Sliver.”

  • Brody

    Homeland Season 4

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    First: the mellow, Then: the munchies!

  • Nick

    “I can wait here all day,” snarled Bao Bao as Tim waited nervously in his panic room.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Despite his superiors’ insistence to the contrary, Warren couldn’t help but feel like his latest assignment at the NSA was a demotion.

    • Anonymous

      +1, I actually LOLed

  • Anonymous

    A day in the life of PoP….

  • Anonymous

    There are two types of people in this world: Those who watch the Panda Cam while they’re at work, and those who watch the Panda Cam for work.

  • Uriel

    What security didn’t realize was that the panda had replaced the camera feed with a 30-second loop of bamboo-eating. Meanwhile, Bao Bao was staging a secretive escape to get some Ben’s.

  • Chris

    I knew Sochi was doing some things differently, but how is this a winter sport again?

  • Anonymous

    Tracy suddenly regrets approving Dan’s request for six more monitors.

  • Leroy

    I think Saw 8 kinda jumped the shark…

  • Anonymous

    Now we know where to get our fix if there’s ever another shutdown.

  • Anonymous

    The pon blocking software limited severely Bob’s choice of channels.

  • ncjohn

    Mark Zuckerberg finishes his final edits on Bao Bao’s Facebook movie.

  • LP

    Bob was fed up trying to watch the Panda Cam online, so he went to watch the baby panda in person

  • Will Fastow

    “It puts the bambo in its mouth and chews or gets the hose”

  • Anonymous

    The National Zoo opens new it’s Enemy of the State Suite. 125 Sq feet of ultra brutalist urban living in the heart of the city!


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