First Look at a Rendering of The Shay Coming to 8th and Florida Ave, NW in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth February 11, 2014 at 4:00 pm 19 Comments


@TheShayDC tweets us and writes on their facebook page:

“As you know, The Shay will be a dual-building community along 8th & Florida in Shaw. Here’s a first look at the East building.

The Shay will be designed to evoke an industrial past. It will display exposed concrete, expansive glass window walls and industrial detailing. Community amenities will include parking, bike storage, conference areas, a dog washing station, resident lounge with a bar, pool table and media center, swimming pool, two landscaped roof decks, and more.”

  • Corey Smith

    looks great, can we get more like this?

  • Anonymous

    I’d personally go with a slightly brighter/lighter green, but I like it otherwise!

  • Anonymous

    Is this going to be adjacent to the “stabby CVS”?

    • ANonymous

      Yeah – in those empty lots that are now big holes

  • Lisa

    First thing out of my mouth when I saw this: “Oh, no”.

    • Anonymous

      Really? I love it.

      • Lisa

        Yes. Really really. I can’t imagine loving it. Perhaps the style would be passable if one has the sense it would be a sturdy structure built with care but it looks like it will be another cheaply constructed building that will be run-down in just a few years. Also this slapping conference centers and pools in a shabby building confuses me, but I guess putting money into those ‘accessories’ rather than quality materials to make rents/prices higher is more cost effective.

        • Anonymous

          Fortunately, it’s a JBG project, so we can be confident that it will be a sturdy structure built with care.

  • etcetera

    why more of this pea green color on the exterior of new condo buildings in Shaw? isn’t it enough to have it slapped on the side of the City Market at O development? why so much pea green? blech.

    • bb

      My exact reaction. Hopefully there’s still some time to reconsider that color. Unless that’s the exposed concrete?

    • Anonymous

      Surely you mean guacamole! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    I find this very ugly. Unfortunate color and material composition that will look cheap similar to the the horrible one on 14th and Florida or the “Floridian”.
    Their claim that this design ‘evoke[s] an industrial past’ is quite laughable – I cannot see this at all.
    Reminds me more of an 1950 contemporary or an unhappy trial to do some Bauhaus with odd colors.
    Compare this to the plans for Atlantic Plumbing which are really setting the standard when it comes to evoking an industrial past, I wish the developers here would be more willing to invest the money for great architecture (as in the case of Atlantic Plumbing) given the fact that they will make a huge profits with this location.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it is all the more odd since they are being developed by the same company.

  • ejs

    I always find these renderings amusing–Florida ave. looks like a pleasant route to take, all evidence of urban life is erased and the building looks plucked out of the air and set on an empty suburban corner. I’d like to see this image superimposed on the current corner to see just how those red awnings go with the CVS sign.

    • Anonymous

      +1 My reaction exactly.

  • Anonymous

    I think if they must keep that ugly green color, at least they should re arrange the order. Corners should have the bright/dark red to nicely frame it. I said red, because they already use it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen more than enough of “contemporary” architectural style in DC. It’s really ruining the historic character of many parts of the city. I’d like to structures built that complement the old beauty that already exists, as opposed to cheap, soon-to-be-dated building like this that only want their 15 minutes of notoriety.

  • Anonymous

    The corner of FLA and GA will be interesting to track. Wonder what will replace that closed “pharmacy.” The burner stores there and 14th and U can’t survive, can they?

  • Anonymous

    No accounting for taste I guess. This is so ugly, i would **almost** rather have one of those terrible 60’s cinder block box buildings. Where has all the beauty gone?


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