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Another Sports Bar, Halftime Sports Bar, Coming to H Street, NE

by Prince Of Petworth February 3, 2014 at 10:22 pm 41 Comments

1427 H Street, NE

In April of 2013 we noted that 1427 H Street, NE was up for lease:

““1st FLOOR ONLY is $6,000 / Mo. The 2nd FLOOR is $3,500/ Mo. Whole building is $8,500/ Mo. Property is build-to-suit w/Brick walls. 4 doors: 2 on outside Patio ( Maryland Ave) & 2 on H st. Lease of 5 years available.”

Now a liquor license application has been posted here for Halftime Sports Bar located at 1427 H Street:

“This is a new “C” Tavern. Sports Bar with sports shows on TV’s throughout the bar. Food to be served will be french fries, hamburgers and chicken wings.”

Hours are listed at Sunday from 10am – 2am, Monday through Thursday 12pm – 2am, Friday from 12pm – 3am and Saturday from 10am to 3am. Construction/demo has already started.

Also back in Nov. 2013 we learned that H Street would be getting a huge sports bar called Sin Bin Sports Bar & Restaurant located a block away at 1336 H Street, NE. It’ll be interesting to see if two sports bars survive being located so close together. Updates (on both sports bars) when they get closer to opening.

Halftime Sports Bar will be located a few storefronts west of the Argonaut:


  • Anonymous

    Yesssss! So pumped

  • H St Resident

    Well, I’m not a sports fan but I’m always happy when a new business fills a vacant spot on H St. If they have good wings (really no where on H St does right now in my opinion), I will go just for that!

    • Anonymous

      I’m not a fan of wings or sports but I’m happy to see a few sports bars coming to H Street. It’s good to have variety and those places are always packed.

  • Survival of the fittest! I’m really just hoping the wings are good for when I have cravings.

  • wylie coyote

    They can focus on different sports.

    Halftime sounds more like football and basketball

    Sin Bin sounds more like a hockey and soccer spot.

    • SusanRH

      I was thinking that Sin Bin would be a perfect Rugby spot, as they actually have a sin bin

      • You can catch most rugby matches already at Queen Vic

  • Trinidaddy

    Yes! My brosefs and I will be there!

  • MHDC

    Yes! I’ll go here just because it has actual sport bar food, and not small plates.

  • brookland_rez

    Sounds good to me. Nothing wrong with beer and wings. I just hope they have a good craft beer selection.

    • overonhst

      Actually I wish there was more price pressure on the lower end of the beer spectrum. It would be nice to have a sports bar with $8 or less pitchers.

      • Ann

        Is there anywhere in DC that has prices like that? I can think of a few places that have $1 can specials occasionally but don’t know of anywhere that you can get a pitcher for $10.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, an $8 pitcher does not exist in DC and probably never will.

          • I’ve never been, but I’ve heard Booeymonger has them for $5.

          • Anonymous

            You should go, it’s awesome.

          • I’m sure it’s fun for games, but I don’t drink any of the things they offer in pitcher form.

          • (aside from water, before someone points that out)

          • wmm

            Tombs has a pitcher of Coors Light for $8

          • brookland_rez

            There’s not much difference between water and what they offer in pitchers.

          • Brookland_Rez, yeah, hence why I stick with the water :)

        • Linc Park SE

          I think Ugly Mug in EM does

      • Anonymous

        McFaddens and Mighty Pint do $10 pitchers for HH. There are other places too where you can get consumer-friendly priced beer not in the form of pitchers (Recessions and Red Derby to name a couple)

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how close we’re getting to the bar saturation point on H Street.

    • There are 4 massive development projects planned on the lower numbered side, so even if they reach the saturation point tomorrow it will be expanded in a few years.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I’d like to see a few more casual spots on the west end of H. I love Boundary Road and Le Grenier, but if I want something on the less expensive side, that really only leaves me with Big Board. Don’t get me wrong, I love Big Board burgers, but I’d like to see a healthier casual option open up as well.

  • Mr. Spacely

    Same owners as The Elroy.

  • Nolo

    This spot has been ripe for a restaurant for a while. Hopefully the new bar will succeed and get a long-term lease. I can see the new condos opening nearby and this place getting its rent jacked up and eventually turning into a Panera.

  • ArtieFufkin

    H St is over.

    • That Man A

      its been that way
      much preferred it 2-3 years ago
      it is good for the neighborhood though

    • Anonymous

      How is it “over”?

      • That MAn A

        IMO its the posts that foreshadow the Adams Morgan esque feel that H St is trending torwards that best explain what i mean

        • Nolo

          I agree that someone standing on this street (on Maryland Ave), staring at this vacant building, next to Rasheed’s oils and incense, then turning around and looking at Star Grocery and the Pentacle apartments, would certainly say “H St. is over.” But I don’t think they’d mean what you mean.

    • Anonymous

      I’d argue that it’s just beginning, but that highly depends on whose prospective you’re looking at it from. If you’re a homeowner on H St, each new business is good news whether you’ll go there or not. If you were a frequent visitor of quirky, pre-high rent H St, then yes, it’s over.

      • Anonymous

        I couldnt agree with you more. As a resident of H Street, this is just the beginning. I cant wait to see H Street in a couple of years.

      • That Man A

        not that is terrible lol
        but not what was preferred
        deff liked the quirkyness H st had in the past over what ti has become

        but like i said, this is all good for the neighborhood

    • dcreal

      Hst is Over? No where near being over and probably at the beginning. Unless there is a huge influx of larger scaled condos being built, Hst and sorrounding areas will remain attractive to new families. Which in my opionion will be better than the 14th/U street area, and will be easier to cater to retail because of the mix of families and singles.

      • It’s a troll post, don’t take it personal.

  • Anonymous

    Can we get a Nellie’s up in here, PLEASE?!

    • Anonymous

      + a million
      I’m not a fan of Nellie’s and would prefer a different gay bar, but I’d be happy with anything!


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