• Mike

    Wow – that was fast! Good job too.

  • Anonymous

    The building was so decrepit for so long and now it looks great! Glad to see that the renovation works out. I really hope that this helps the homeless in DC and that they can adequately address their needs.

  • Alan

    Very nice, I appreciate that they retained the historic character.

  • Pat

    It still looks like it could use a good pressure washing, but otherwise, great job!

  • Slappy J

    It seems like a bit of a waste for a historic building in a good location to be used for a homeless shelter. There must be somewhere else where this could have been located that wouldn’t be so incompatible with the neighbourhood.

    • Truxton Thomas

      Yeah, is there any way we can put these homeless people where the rest of don’t have to run the risk of seeing or interacting with them? What a waste of a perfectly good decrepit old building that could continue its years-long streak of blighting the neighborhood.

      • Slappy J

        If you would like to have a facility that entails hordes of homeless in your hood and the attendant crime and other issues, so be it, but I would think there would be a better use for this property. Sure, the homeless need somewhere to go, but it really shouldn’t be right in the midst of a vibrant area. Most people won’t admit to it, but they really do not like interacting with the homeless. I just happen to be brutally honest.

        • gotryit

          Sure, it’s uncomfortable to interact with homeless people. But I like the idea of relegating them only to crappy parts of the city even less. Place facilities throughout the city. Let’s start with one in Georgetown & the Palisades… hah.


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