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  • Anonymous

    Yes, due to the nearby church, on Sundays cars park on an angle.

  • anon

    Congressman Radel is due back in DC this week after his month in rehab for cocaine use. Coincidence?

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of bad parking…
    What do you do when there’s a carshare car (Car2Go, Zipcar, etc) parked in a handicap spot? I was with a friend who got a handicap hangtag to go with his prosthetic leg (otherwise I’m afraid I wouldn’t have noticed), and the only handicap space was occupied by a Car2Go with no blue space credentials. I kind of wanted to snap a picture with a time stamp and send it to the company, on the possibility they would have fined the member who used it last. But this was in a well-patrolled neighborhood, so I comforted myself thinking that parking enforcement would get to it before long.

    • Anonymous

      A Car2Go or ZipCar is allowed, so long as they have a parking placard.
      I would have definitely sent a pic to the company with the date/time, if no placard was in the car.
      You’re supposed to call 911 and they can dispatch a cop to the parking lot to issue a ticket. Though, I doubt an officer would get there in time.

    • sbc

      I almost got hit by a speeding Car2Go while I was in a marked crosswalk and the driver gave me the finger afterwards. I emailed the company with the plate number and exact time, and they wrote back and basically said they didn’t care at all. So if you’d called, I doubt anything would have happened.

      • Kevin

        What did you expect the company to do?

  • Tim

    On a side note, why are parking rules completely different for churches on Sundays? I live near Stanton Park on Capitol Hill, and drivers going to a nearby church park on both sides of the street around the park (in lanes), right on corners and sometimes in bus stops. I understand that a lot of people go to church, but is that reason enough to completely suspend common-sense parking laws?

    • Anonymous

      The traffic officers don’t patrol on Sundays, from what I understand. So there’s no one to enforce the rules. This is done on purpose.
      You also have to remember that a lot of those people going to the churches on Sundays are civil servants, including traffic officers. You’re basically asking them to ticket friends & family. Ain’t gonna happen.

    • gotryit

      You can call 911 for illegal parking – I do that when people park in front of my driveway (only happens on Sunday). Police give them a $20 ticket, and I have the option to call a tow truck.

    • spookiness

      You Must Be New Here (TM)

  • Loganite

    Yes, on Sundays, all cars on that block are parked that way. I’m guessing that was a remnant churchgoer who had not yet moved their car. Not sure when the photo was taken, but that certainly wouldn’t be legal on a Monday. But it is definitely legal on Sunday on that street.

  • Anonymous

    It is legal during the times posted on the sign’s. Remoember, ‘reading is fundamental!!’

  • David T.

    There are a couple blocks of 11th St. NW (between I & L, I believe) where angled parking is allowed on Sundays until 2:00 PM (blocking the bike lanes, of course). However, I have indeed seen a parking enforcement officer writing tickets for cars that were still angle-parked there at about 3 or 4 on a Sunday afternoon on a couple of occasions. Warmed the cockles of my heart.

  • ShawGuy

    The District’s new law granting drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants also contained a small provision, unnoticed until now, granting drivers licenses to the blind as well, with somewhat predictable results…

  • annonny

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