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  1. Petworth Women’s Club? That’s brilliant. Do you have to live in Petworth to join, or can you just live near it?

  2. We have flexible definitions of “Petworth” – we’ve got a couple Park View and Northern Columbia Heights Members. Find us on Facebook!

  3. I love this!

  4. I’d love to get more information on this… What does the group do? Are you open to new members?

  5. “What does the group do? Are you open to new members?”
    Pretty sure you need to be member-less to join this group….

  6. And by the way, as for what we do – we try to host monthly get-togethers (although get lazy some months). They’ve ranged from full on dinners at someone’s house to casual happy hours at local Petworth bars. Some of us are also semi-regular volunteers with Friends of the Soldiers home, and some are active in other neighborhood initiatives. The ultimate goal is just to connect women living in the neighborhood, so we’re always expanding by inviting our neighbors and friends that live nearby!

  7. How come in 1922 they could focus a camera but not in 2014?

    On a serious note, have fun ladies!

  8. Note the cups: bet they’ve been refilled a couple of times

  9. We let a man take the picture, I think that was the problem :)

  10. Very cool!

  11. Congratulations on the re-constitution of the club! I am honored to know half of the women in the modern day picture. Bravo!

  12. They certainly look a lot happier than their earlier counterparts. Brava, ladies!

  13. Honorary Petworth member

    They haven’t recruited members of other ethnicities because they haven’t recruited *anyone* (in the past at least, this post changes that I guess!). The group mainly started as a group of new-to-Petworth homeowners who lived within a few blocks of each other, generally 30-something, no kids (currently one on the way!). It expanded to include other neighbors, friends and friends-of-friends. There are actually several “members” of various ethnicities (including some in this picture who it might be hard to tell), who just didn’t happen to be there last night. Is the group, such as it is, fully (and proportionately) representative of the city as a whole, or even just Petworth? No, obviously not. I think often that’s the case with groups of friends, of any ethnicity. It also seems that “recruiting” new members of other ethnicities specifically to diversify gives the appearance of recruiting token minorities just for the sake of diversity. Also, until this week when one of the members discovered the LOC photos from the 1920s, I don’t think most of them would consider it really any kind of formal group–just a loose, amorphous collection of friends/neighbors who met monthly-ish for dinner or get togethers.


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