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New Orleans PoBoy Shop Has Been Closed since Dec. 20th in Dupont

by Prince Of Petworth January 17, 2014 at 11:30 am 11 Comments

1205 19th Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“Looks like New Orleans Po Boy on 19th near M is closed. Sign on the door says “closing for the holidays Dec. 20”. Not open since.”

Their facebook and twitter pages also haven’t been updated since Dec. 20th. On their Facebook page folks are speculating and wondering what’s going on:

“Are they going to reopen? According to the comment below, it seems they may have closed their doors for good.”

“A waiter at the Irish Whiskey Bar next to Po Boy’s said you may be closing. I told her no way – the food is too good. Tell us its not true!!!”

“When I spoke to Cam, he said they were closing “for the holiday season,” but I certainly could have misinterpreted that. If they’re gone for good, I will be bummed.”

The PoBoy shop opened in Aug. 2012. You can see their menu here.  We judged them here.

  • Carver

    I hope they are just having a nice, extended vacation. I really like that place and would be sad to see it go. Getting hungry just thinking about it.

  • Anonymous

    awww, don’t cry. head to Johnnie’s Half Shell, they use Leidenheimer french bread flown in daily from New Orleans. The po boys are bomb. And I say this because I know. I got New Orleans roots, baaaaaaaaaby.

  • Anonymous

    Aw, their po’boys were delicious!

  • h st ll

    Damn, I was a big fan.

  • fuzzyP

    maybe they’ll return after mardi gras?

  • Anonymous

    i worked at the building across the street for over a year before i even knew it was there. i thought it was some sort of “new age shops” that sells scarfs and decorative hand drums until i saw it on yelp. the food is good, albeit a bit overpriced for the portions and a bit slow for the lunch market in that area. at least i thought so on the three occasions that i’ve actually gone there.

    i did try to buy breakfast there this week and was gutted that it was shut

  • Anonymous

    Meh – totally overpriced, they took the “po” out of PoBoy

  • pb1

    I work just down the street and I had two of the worst sandwiches in my life there. I’m missing something here is others really like it. I had the roast beef and gravy sandwich with what seemed like canned gravy that would be considered bad at horse track.

  • Nathan

    I ate there twice and they never served me anything related to a “Po Boy”. The tiny sub sandwich he served me was so lame and had so little meat inside- I just laughed afterwards (both times) and never returned. Using the words “Po Boy” to describe your sandwiches isn’t a joke to me. I know what a “Po Boy” is.

  • kook47797

    The times I visited the operation seemed a chaotic mess; like a bunch of college boys manning a frat picnic.

  • It’s disappointing to read the comments here, given the experience I had there when they first opened. I’m guessing the owner must be absentee now, causing the decline in product, because when he was there the sandwiches were always fantastic. We actually went by on Friday too since we both had the day off, only to find the same uninformative sign. Oh well, we had a killer lunch at Bub and Pops instead just down the street instead.


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