New Hotel, The Line DC, Coming to Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2014 at 11:30 am 25 Comments

Photo via Sydell Group

Thanks to a reader for sending this info from a website called Hotel Chatter:

The Line Hotel in LA’s Koreatown neighborhood only just opened on January 1st but already there’s a spin-off hotel in the works. According to The Line’s developer, The Sydell Group, another Line Hotel is being developed in Washington, DC in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. It will be called The Line DC.”

From The Sydell Group:

“Sydell Group Ltd will be developing a new, full service hotel located at 1780 Columbia Road NW, Washington DC in the Adams Morgan neighborhood – an area long respected for its diversity, rich culture, and personality. The project consists of a newly constructed building, the restoration of a historic church, the creation of dynamic public spaces, and a high quality restaurant experience designed to serve both neighborhood residents and hotel guests alike.”

You can read more about the LA Hotel here. Sounds promising for Adams Morgan!

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t that supposed to become a marriot at some point?

    • Anonymous

      I thought the hotel project wasn’t happening at all, due to some sort of neighborhood opposition, so I’m happy to see anything at all being done with this space.

      • The opposition is basically about nine really loud, obnoxious people who apparently never noticed they live in Adams Morgan and not the Palisades. And yes, this was originally supposed to be a Marriott: http://the42bus.blogspot.com/2013/05/220-key-adams-morgan-hotel-moving.html

        • Mullet Over

          We lose if it was going to be a Marriot Edition Hotel–Berners Tavern at the London Edition is amazing!

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know, most Marriott hotels I’ve stayed at have been extremely mediocre. Wardman Park is a good example of this.

          • Johnny

            Check out the lines website. Looks equally if not more amazing. In keeping with the fun atmosphere of adams morgan as well.

    • Anonymous

      I think that was a rumor.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. We need one on U Street too! I’ve had so many friends and family come to town who wanted to stay near me, but had to get hotels in Dupont or somewhere else downtown. The nightclubs and concert venues up here also send their talent downtown to sleep; they’d stay in the neighborhood if there was a decent option.

    • There are actually a lot of good vacation apt. rentals in the U St. area. Look on http://www.vrbo.com. Airbnb also has some good ones but it is a giant cluster flutter these days with over 1400 listings for DC. But if you know the neighborhoods and know how to sort through the shite you can find something.

  • stcohi

    This is the last I remember of it: http://the42bus.blogspot.com/2013/05/220-key-adams-morgan-hotel-moving.html

    Glad to see it coming along, though I remember a lot of neighborhood folks having a huge problem with it. I would guess that along with the new condo up the street on Columbia, the new condo where the old Exxon was, and all those new buildings on Kalorama and Euclid, this stretch of Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan will be dramatically different in 5 years.

    • Ward One Resident

      There weren’t “a lot” of neighborhood residents upset about it. There were (and continue to be) some who oppose it including members of the Kalorama Citizens Assoc. and a few other rabble-rousers who oppose EVERYTHING. I would say that most people who live in the neighborhood don’t really care one way or another, or are in general support of it.

      • Mary

        Amen! I am so sick of these people opposing absolutely everything. They are the same people who opposed Harris Teeter moving into the roller rink. I think they wanted the space to be dedicated as a roller rink museum. Here’s to fewer empty buildings and more useful stuff in the new year!

        • Anonymous

          The folks who obstinately oppose development of any sort are known as BANANAs.

          BANANA = Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone

          • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      not a lot of opponents, just a few loud nutcases, like the loons who post 20 paragraph, unedited rants about mcmillan vacant lot being a “jewel” in an emerald belt around DC.

  • Wobble

    This is indeed good news! I live about 3 blocks from this location, and am excited about the construction of the new hotel.

    Anybody know when it will start/finish?

  • anon

    I’m hoping that this hotel project and the project where the Ontario Theater was will propel some much-needed revitalization on the 1700 block of Columbia.

  • Johnny

    I live just down the street and can’t wait. Is it still supposed to have a few restaurants? I think this and the condos on the old exxon will really be another in many great strides adams morgan has made lately.

  • Jade

    Live one block away on Ontario and we are ecstatic. Rooftop pool? Check. New restaurants. Check. Will be great spot to pop over for drinks and I hope they have pool memberships or something for local neighborhood folks who want to use the facility. I would absolutely pay to have pool 1 block from my house to use.

    • Identified

      You have one. it’s in the Marie Reed Center.

      Not snark, just FYI if you didn’t know.

  • Los

    I think that the proposed hotel is way too small, only 7 stories tall. The whole project had the potential to transform the area, but given the size, it’s going to be more like a B&B than a neighborhood hub.

    This location should have been given a special waiver and allowed to surpass current height restrictions, after all it is beyond the old city limits.. The way it is designed now, it will be far shorter than adjacent buildings. What a pity.

    • Anonymous


    • textdoc

      “The way it is designed now, it will be far shorter than adjacent buildings.”
      Which adjacent buildings are taller?

      • Los

        Look at the proposal ( the one in the defunct site) it was amended so that the hotel would be shorter than all neighboring buildings.

  • Anonymous



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