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8 course Meal to Celebrate Tet, “Feast of the First Morning of the First Day”, at Sprig and Sprout in Glover Park

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2014 at 12:00 pm 8 Comments

2317 Wisconsin Ave, NW

From a press release:

“Vietnamese Tet is a weeklong celebration, centered on gathering with family & friends, bringing in new luck, and paying off old debts. It is the “Feast of the First Morning of the First Day”, and the most important of any holiday.

Sprig & Sprout invites you to experience Vietnamese Tet and start your year anew with us. For our very special January Supper Club our upstairs will be transformed with glorious, some might even say gaudy and over the top, décor. Close your eyes and imagine lit lanterns of red and yellow, dancing dragons, and peach blossoms. Welcome to Sprig & Sprout during Tet.

For this 8 course Pre Fixe dinner expect traditional dishes you’ll find in every Vietnamese household. Banana leaf wrapped sticky rice cake, filled with sweet mung bean and pork, served my favorite way – pan fried! Assorted charcuterie balanced by just slightly pickled vegetables. Twice cooked crispy chicken, so laborious it’s only done once a year (kind of like thanksgiving turkey)! And, in the tradition of “Li Xi” we have good luck gifts for all our guests.

We are doing two seatings for January Tet Supper Club, and seats are anticipated to fill up very quickly. Please call the restaurant (202-333-2569), or email ([email protected]) to reserve. Credit card information will be required for reservations.

Tet Supper Club – January 13th & 20th, 2014 8 course Prix Fixe $50

• Banh Tet Chien (Traditional Tet Sticky Rice Cake filled with Sweet Mung Bean & Savory Pork all wrapped in aromatic Banana Leaf)
• Sup Mang Cua (Special occasion soup of White Asparagus & Lump Crab)
• Cha Que, Nem Chua, Gio Lua, Pate (Vietnamese Charcuterie plate)
• Xoi Vo (Sweet Mung Bean Sticky Rice)
• Ga Xoa Mo (Twice cooked crispy chicken)
• Thit Kho Trung (Braised Caramel Pork & Egg)
• Thach Café Da (Viet Coffee flavored Gelatin, with Sweet Milk)
• Mut Dua, Gung, Khoai Lanh (Candied Coconut, Ginger, Sweet Potato) – Take Home Gift”

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone been to one of these? It sounds really fun.

  • Anonymous

    I was really excited when Spring and Sprout opened, but after eating 10+ times, I’ve sworn off because it is inconsistent, poor quality, and their staff is nothing short of rude.

    I’ve received bahn mis that have no meat, but instead, shreds of oversalted fat. Their bread is often not fresh (and bread can make or break a bahn mi). the soup is bland. wilted veggies, brown sprouts. They’re often out of half of their menu items (stand in line for a few minutes to be told on a Saturday afternoon, “oh, we’re out of bread” or “oh, yeah, we’re not making spring rolls right now.”)

    I have no problem with attitude-ridden chefs, if they have proven their worthyness. Kenny Shopsin can yell at me any time he wants. The husband and wife team who run Sprig and Sprout are unfriendly and rude. The one time I nicely said something to the husband about an order they totally messed up (like, not complaining about quality of food, but that they had made the wrong sandwich) he responded sharply, “what do you want me to do?”

    the idea of spending $50 here? no f’n way. Take that cash, drive to eden center, get better Vietnamese and still have 30 in your pocket. Or go to the pho joint in Van Ness.

    and if you have $50 to spend on Asian food, if you’re not at Little Serow you’re an idiot.

    not to mention the BLATANT stealing of the large ampersand as a logo from Kramerbooks.

    • Anonymous

      +1 such promise, such disappointment.

    • Pixie

      Wow I’ve had the exact opposite experience at Sprig and Sprout. The owners are always really friendly, food is consistently good, and I love the upstairs bar area. I live in the neighborhood and I go there all the time.

  • GloverGuy

    +1. It is amazing how people can have such different experiences. I have also been there 10+ times and find that the food is consistently delicious. I also find the owners to be friendly and helpful. I witnessed someone trip and spill their Pho all over the floor. They went to get paper towels and the husband owner immediately came out and said “Are you OK? Go sit down, I’ll take care of this and bring you another bowl”. Again, very friendly and helpful, in my experience.

    • Anon

      The owners should also get credit for their sense of humor. They recently had a sidewalk sign out front that read “Come in and try what one Yelp user described as ‘The worst Vermicelli bowl in DC'”.

  • I’ve been to one of these. the owner is super nice and it’s a pretty good deal pricewise–though drinks are not included. The cooking is nothing earth-shattering or innovative; it’s literally mom’s cooking and some basic Vietnamese flavors; nothing close to the best places I like in NOVA (say, Present) The meat dishes were particularly weak. There seems to be a “regular” crew of attendees who love the event and fawn over the owner and the food. If you can withstand that it’s a fun night.

  • Anonymous

    it’s like a tet offensive!


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