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Jimmy John’s Coming Soon Signage Posted at 12th and G St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth January 23, 2014 at 11:30 am 10 Comments


Picking up the Subway and Quiznos slack?

‏@batboy1784 tweets us:

“Sweet lord above, looks like @jimmyjohns is coming soon to 12th and G NW”

Back in August we heard a Jimmy John’s was coming next door to the new Dunkin Donuts at 1208 G street, NW.

The one coming to Glover Park looks like it should open any day now too:

2428 Wisconsin Ave, NW

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy John’s is way better than Subway and Quiznos, since those two chains have fallen so far from their once decent selves.

  • Anonymous

    Gross. Jimmy John’s is gross. We need a Publix, just for the subs.

    • Anonymous

      i first encountered this trashcan of a sub shop while i lived briefly (and regrettably) in southwest Ohio. why can’t we get a wawa in DC?

  • Pcat

    I don’t know why people like Jimmy Johns. I find their food only so so.

    • Anonymous


  • JJs Man

    Answer: jimmy johns is the best affordable subs hands down.
    1) it actually is very fast
    2) the bread, cheeses, meats are good (not Taylor GOURMET level, but good)
    3) the prices are what they should be
    4) they deliver (usually) and stay open really late (usually)
    5) the store has kitschy jokes all around. (The napkins say “wipe” on them).
    6) Ok, number five is a flaw

  • Anonymous

    parker loves jimmy johns y’all

    • Anonymous

      I finally made it into a PoP post! Jon did you out me in the comments (anonymously?)

  • Nathan

    Amazingly fast delivery. Absolutely terrible subs.

  • Anonymous

    I just rode past the Glover Park location, it looks like it’s fully operational now, but it’s not showing up on their website.


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