From the Forum – Suggestions for Insulation and Air Sealing Contractor

by Prince Of Petworth January 28, 2014 at 2:15 pm 1 Comment

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Suggestions for Insulation and Air Sealing Contractor:

“With the cold weather we’ve realized the extreme need to properly insulate the portion of our house which was previously a three seasons room. I am aware of the DC SEU rebate program and am wondering if anyone has used any of the approved contractors (Access Greene, Leone Tech LLC, Elysian Energy, LLC or ROMA R.O. McMillan & Associates LLC) to do air sealing or insulation and if so would you recommend the contractor you used. Why or why not?”

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  • I just spent about $4000 (plus $1000 credit from the DC Gov) with Elysian. It’s too early to tell the impact on my utility bills but I was happy with them. Their work was high quality, they were very responsive to follow-up issues (and didn’t charge me), and the crew was friendly and professional.

    Lesson 1 – The energy audit is the start of a process and there are many forks in the road. The audit showed we needed a bunch of other work like a new flue for our water heater and furnace and bathroom fans. Also, everything had to be rejiggered after it became clear we were getting a new roof. In all, it took months before we finally got the efficiency work done.

    Lesson 2 – Efficiency work won’t make a cold home a warm cozy cocoon. One room in our house in particular was very cold. Breezes flowed freely through the light fixtures. The breezes have stopped, and the room is warmer than before but still colder than other rooms.

    Here’s a rundown of the work we did:
    – Aerosealing the ducts. Very successful. The heating system runs much better.
    – Insulating a ceiling in an addition and adding new light fixtures.
    – Removing old, moldy insulation against the roof and installing new – and more – insulation.
    – Removing old, moldy duct insulation in the garage and installing new insulation.


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