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From the Forum – Following up on a Cab Complaint

by Prince Of Petworth January 8, 2014 at 2:15 pm 27 Comments

Following up on a Cab Complaint:

“Has anyone had a recent experience with filing a complaint with the DC Taxicab Commission? I filed via website two days after the incident happened in mid-September. I received an email confirmation from DCTC a few days after. It’s now been over 3 months and I have heard nothing further. A call to the agency left me in telephone tree hell and unable to reach a human.

Should I still hold out hope that this incident will be investigated?”

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  • Honestly


  • MPinDC

    I filed a complaint against a cab driver that refused to transport me (from 14th and Pennsylvania to Mt Pleasant – go figure). I received an email saying the taxi commission had received the complaint. Two or three months – or maybe longer – later I had a follow up email saying the driver was found guilty & had to pay a (not insignificant) fine.

  • Anonymous

    No, I probably should have filed complaints, at least the times I was sexually assaulted by a cab driver, but figured it wouldn’t accomplish anything and just prolong a traumatic experience.

    • Anonymous

      I’d think that would merit a call to the police, not an online complaint submission. It’s scary to think a cab driver can sexually assault someone and no one ever finds out.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve had some bad experiences with the police and was too scared. :(

      • That Man A


        & you made it sound like it happen more than once.. thats wild
        is it really THAT common?

        • Anonymous

          The second time may not have been, but the elements of it were the same (driver takes me to a dark deserted parking lot and stops the car). That time I didn’t wait around to see what happened next. And yeah, it seems to be pretty common among women that take cabs alone late at night. I stopped taking cabs after that, and only occasionally take Uber now.

          • That MAn A

            thats nuts

  • No, but I had a complaint about an Uber ride a couple of weeks ago and the issue was resolved within 2 hours. Guess that’s part of why they’re killing taxis and kicking butt in DC.

  • Anna Cooper

    Stop taking cabs. Uber X is cheaper and there’s 100% accountability.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Made the switch to UberX and I’m never looking back!

    • anonnnn

      100% accountability? How do you figure? Yes, you can identify the driver, but I think “accountability” ends there. Uber goes to great lengths to separate itself from the individual drivers once something bad happens, claiming the drivers aren’t employees so they aren’t liable for anything bad that happens.

    • My two UberX experiences were cheap but painful. THe drivers had zero clue how to get around town, had to use GPS to go a mile (hey it was cold) so I just directed him. Folks who don’t drive in DC know it better than these guys (very earnest and nice though).

      • Anonymous

        THIS ^^
        Same experience with Uber sedan/black car drivers… but not to the extent of UberX-ers.

        • Anonymous

          it’s pretty amazing how challenging Uber drivers find navigating in downtown DC given that the streets are a grid of sequentially numbered and lettered roads.

    • Anonymous

      My experiences with UberX have been great. I don’t think I’ll ever use a regular DC cab again, if I have a choice.

  • DR

    I filed a complaint regarding a driver who tried to overcharge me on a trip from DCA to Shaw. I paid the fare, less the bogus surcharges and sent a letter to the Commission. The Commission responded several months later; they apologized and said that the driver had been disciplined. To my absolute and utter disbelief, they also included a check for the full fare I paid, almost twenty dollars.

    • Anonymous

      You only paid $20 for a ride from DCA to Shaw? That seems really low.

      • Anonymous

        That’s what I’ve paid the couple of times I’ve taken a cab from Dupont to DCA, even with the charge for a suitcase. I think even including tip.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, with minimal traffic it’s a pretty quick shot from DCA on 395 to Mass Ave and up into Shaw.

        • Monroe

          Same here – Mt Pleasant to DCA without traffic is usually less than $20

          • Anonymous

            What does the traffic matter? Fares are based on distance.

          • Anonymous

            if you are in traffic you pay for the delay too.

    • Anonymous

      What bogus fees did they try to charge? I believe they’re entitled to charge an extra fee when the trip originates from the airport.

      • DR

        It wasn’t the airport fee. He charged for a few bags that didn’t exist as well as a minivan fee, even though he wasn’t driving a minivan. At this point I can’t recall if he also included a fee for a non-existent additional passenger.

        And yes, the cab fare is usually less than $20. It is a straight shot up 395/NJ Ave. from DCA to Shaw, about 10-12 minutes without traffic. Another great benefit of living in Shaw.

  • sbc

    Here is the list of councilmembers on the committee that oversees the Taxicab commission; perhaps one of them could put some pressure on the commission?



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