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Dear PoPville – Please Help Us Find the Owner of the Dog that Attacked our Dog Yesterday

by Prince Of Petworth January 21, 2014 at 2:30 pm 18 Comments

Luna Carey

“Dear PoPville,

Yesterday, around 530PM, our dog was attacked by another dog inside the LeDroit dog park. The dog that attacked her was a 20 lb-ish, white, short-haired, mixed-breed with black and brown splotches. Very aggressive.

He latched on to Luna’s neck just after we entered (She’s a 13.5 lb white Maltese/Shih Tzu). The owner picked up his dog and our dog was still in his bite, dangling. After a minute or so, he finally got his dog to let go. It was dark and I was just trying to calm her down so we couldn’t tell that she had the wound until he had already left.

The owner has puffy curly black hair, younger, white male in his 30’s maybe. The owner also has a medium sized short-haired, black dog. Please let us know if you have any information to help us locate the owner. We have no reason to believe that he wouldn’t be cooperative.

He hung around to make sure we were okay but we were in shock and the bleeding hadn’t started until she started moving again.

She was admitted to the vet and stitched up immediately. She’s on meds and recovering now. The tube will be removed Saturday if all goes well.”

  • anonymous

    So sorry this happened, good luck to you.

    FYI for any dog owner reading this, if your dog is in a fight/attacked, the bleeding will often not start until later. I experienced this when my dog got attacked and I thought he was physically fine, then about 45 minutes later found 6 puncture wounds bleeding on his neck & face. He is white and short haired, so it was easy to see that there had been no immediate sign of injury during/immediately after the attack. I was very surprised but my vet said it is a protective measure so they do not show injury as quickly during fights, I believe it is stress/hormone controlled. I am very glad I chose to cancel my plans that night and stay home so that I was there to notice this.

  • Anonymous

    How exactly do you hope the owner to cooperate? Dogs get in spats all the time. One of the risks of going to the dog park. Sometimes it ends up with a couple of stitches. That’s why I personally avoid the dog parks. In my experience people are always pulling some dogs apart.

    • Anyone moose

      Have to agree. When you enter a dog park you really assume all risk to your dog.

    • Anonymous

      I also agree. Dog parks are a recipe for disaster because you just never know when you’re going to get an owner who is either irresponsible or just plain clueless. You’re much better off having individual playdates with one or two other dogs that you know and trust.

      • Timmy

        Dog parks are great during non-peak hours. But you do have to be pretty alert and passive owners who sit on the side looking at their phone are a recipe for disaster. And as pointed out, they’re not without risk. I’ve heard “I didn’t know he’d react like that, I’m just dogsitting” too many times. If you don’t know your dog, don’t put him in that situation! My old dog had aggressive tendencies, and I never would have taken him to the a dog park.

  • Anonymoose

    This sounds like a similar dog I have experienced in the Upshur Dog Park; however, the dog I’m talking about is usually with a woman in her late 20’s to early 30’s. She NEVER stops the dog from attacking. In fact, when her dog attacked my puppy, she only said “oh no. He’s not a rabbit.” Try as he might, this dog wouldn’t leave my dog alone and was extremely aggressive. I ended up having to pick up my dog and leave. When I asked later at the dog park, several people said they had the same experience with her and her dog. I’m just wondering if this dog has 2 owners. Regardless, should she ever be there again, she will definitely get an earful from me on behalf of those of us who have dogs that behave.

    • Anonymoose

      P.S. Speedy recovery to your little one.

  • Anon

    I am not surprised when things like this happen. I often see two dogs nipping at each other while the human owners stand their giggling about how the dogs are so cute since they are playing together. No, the one dog is trying to eat the other dog. It isn’t cute and you are putting your dog in danger.

    • Timmy

      This is just silly. I have to assume you’ve never owned a dog. Dogs play by mouthing each other. That’s what they do. If properly socialized/raised, they’ll learn as puppies to not apply pressure with their teeth. If ever a dog applies too much pressure, you’ll know. The other dog will yelp.

      • Anonymous

        Correct. My two dogs run full force at each other/body slam/make bitey faces/mouth each other and generally sound/look like they’re fighting when they’re just playing but an experienced dog owner should be able to tell when it’s play and when it is escalating too far. In the case of the OP, that is clearly aggression, not play.

        • Angry Parakeet

          Yeah, my girlfriend’s 2 labs were like that (the soft mouth play and body contact) until one day – the younger one tried to kill the older one. Terrifying, and things have never been the same ($5000 outlay on training, shock collar, drugs, temporary kenneling)

          • Anonymous

            Sure, that can happen. As dogs mature, they can change and relationships between dogs can change too. Just because they played a certain way is not an indication that they will become aggressive toward each other eventually.
            Also, shock collar? Not good. Very high chance the problem was made worse.

  • Another area dog owner

    “He hung around to make sure we were okay.”

    So what’s the problem here? What do you hope to gain from this?

    And frankly, this is just one half of the story. You may have a small Maltese mix, but there’s no way we don’t know that your dog wasn’t the aggressor and that the other dog–while the response is still distressing–was responding. Small dogs can easily be aggressors as often as larger dogs.

    • Another area dog owner

      In addition, if you’re worried about this happening again, take your dog to a park that has a small dog area, such as the Shaw dog park on 11th and Rhode Island.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you whole-heartedly, though it sounds like the other dog was a small dog as well.

        • Another area dog owner

          Oh, only 20 pounds. Missed that at first glance, thanks. And as long as I’m replying again, I’d like to emphasize that I DO NOT think that the dog that attacked the Maltese mix responded appropriately. Any dog that responds with such aggression has no business in a dog park. However, I’m still not sure what the Maltese owner hopes to gain from the owner of the other dog, who didn’t flee the scene and stuck around, with this post (and the BLDPA’s Facebook page).

          • Anonymous

            Luna’s owner wants money, obviously. S/He might say “we need to check the vax records”, but they’re in sticker shock from the vet bill, and want the other dog’s owner to kick in.

      • Jeff

        The LeDroit Park does have a small dog area.


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