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DC Craft Beer Festival Coming to the Convention Center this Spring

by Prince Of Petworth January 29, 2014 at 11:30 am 14 Comments

Photo via craftbeerfestdc

From a press release:

“The Hand Crafted Tasting Company is proud to announce that the DC Craft Beer Festival comes to the DC’s Walter E. Washington’s Convention Center on Saturday, March 8th for two sessions, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. The Spring Seasonals tasting will showcase spring releases from 75 of America’s best Craft Breweries, with a special focus on Breweries from DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

There will be approximately 150 selections, along with wonderfully prepared food designed specifically to be consumed while enjoying the tasting sessions from DC restaurants, Hawk ‘n’ Dove, Senart’s Oyster & Chophouse, and Willie’s Brew and Q.

Tickets are on-sale now at CraftBeerFestDC.com/tix.

“Local breweries in the Washington area are creating delicious beers, and we want to bring this to people’s attention,” said Ken Tesler, Founder, Hand Crafted Tasting Co. “The DC Craft Beer Festival, just like the festival we produce in New York City, is a true celebration of the American craft beer experience. We invite the country’s best craft brewers to come together at one time, in one place, so attendees can sample a carefully curated selection of the best Spring seasonal beers that the brewers have to offer. We know DC is thirsty for amazing craft beer, just as they are in New York City, “ Tesler said.

During the event, leading Craft Beer experts will host intimate, 50-person, first-come, first serve, seminars, and many brewers’ representatives will be available at the taps to educate the guests Tom Acitelli, Author of “The Audacity of Hops: The History of America’s Craft Beer Revolution” will lead a seminar called “How America became the King of Beers” Beginning in the 1960s and running through today, Acitelli will weave a tale of American craft beer full of characters and events nationwide sure to surprise even the most discerning of aficionados. He will also host a tasting of three beers illustrating key pivots in the American craft beer movement since the 1960s.

Garrett Peck, Author of “Capital Beer” will lead a seminar called “A Heady History of Brewing in Washington, DC”. This seminar, rich in historic and modern images, about the Washington Brewery (one name, seven locations); who first brewed lager in Washington; how Prohibition nearly destroyed the brewing industry; and the recent resurgence of production brewing since the Christian Heurich Brewing Company closed in 1956. He’ll also lead a three-beer tasting of historic beer styles that put Washington on the brewing map.

VIP and Connoisseur ticket holders can enter the Convention Center one hour earlier than the GA Ticket holders and have access to the beer, the brewers and the food during this first hour. This is a great time to speak with some of your favorite brewer representatives and avoid what is expected to be a sold-out, capacity audience later in the day.

Finally, just one hundred & fifty Connoisseur tickets are available for purchase per session. The Connoisseur package offers a speedy entrance line to the Convention Center and access to the exclusive Connoisseurs Lounge in the Balcony overlooking the Grand Tasting floor for the entire session where there will be an additional 12-15 rare beers not found downstairs. The Connoisseurs Lounge is a great, relaxing place to get away from the throng on the main tasting floor.

“We are offering a private lounge environment for beer Connoisseurs to listen to live, acoustic, Blues & Folk influenced music all the while sampling some of the rarest and most exciting beers you’ll ever get a chance to drink, and gourmet finger foods will be presented at no additional cost from the Chesapeake Room,” says The Hand Crafted Tasting Company founder Ken Tesler.”

  • Greg

    Well that’s too bad, the link isn’t even registered yet.

  • Anonymous

    The correct URL for tickets: http://craftbeerfestdc.com/tix

  • Anonymous

    Not the most impressive brew list…I think I’ll spend the $50 at Meridian Pint or Church Key

    • Anonymous

      that will get your 4 beers. But agreed, the whole craft beer festival is so two years ago. None of them are well done and it is just stupid that you get a 2oz cup and perpetually stand in line.

    • Anonymous

      I actually think the breweries are pretty strong (e.g, ommegang, founder’s, bell’s, etc.), but the two options for each might be a little tame.

  • Michele
  • Anonymous

    No DC Brau, 3 Stars, Blue Jacket or Right Proper. The only local beers so far are Atlas, Port City and Sly Fox. But you can get Sam Adams, Red Hook or Goose Island! Soooo, just another national distributor showcase fronting as a beer festival (see the press info for the same event they held in NYC).

    • Anonymous

      yeah thats pretty embarrassing that they couldnt even get local brewery’s to play along. I think that says it all of how ‘people’ will be treated at this thing. Like a piece of meat that got thrown up on

  • overonhst

    And, will you really be able to taste all 150 beers with a GA ticket with the Connoisseurs and VIPs drinking before you, especially for the second session? I doubt it. I’ve been to GABF a couple times and even there stuff runs out towards the end and I’ll bet there won’t be as much beer at this than GABF.

    I think I’m going to pass.

  • Bill

    This event is on the same date, admittedly it is much pricier, but the local breweries will be there as well as a number of great national breweries. Even better, the event benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. http://www.cff.org/Chapters/metrodc/index.cfm?id=26375&event=26375

  • As organizers of the DC Craft Beer Festival, we wanted to respond to the many folks chiming in above. The local representation will be hearty. We are in discussions with all of the breweries that are mentioned (and more), and just waiting for the Brewers’ choices of what they would like to pour. Our brewery selection, and beer list will be updated daily as more confirmations come in. The correct URL for tickets is CraftBeerFestDC.com/tix and it was my typo that created the confusion. Mea Culpa. As for attendee experience, we wouldn’t be taking our festival model to DC, if it wasn’t successfully received and reviewed in NYC. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But it would be great if you gave our tasting a shot before making so many presumptions before we’ve even rolled one keg into the Convention Center. If anyone has any questions, you are welcome to contact us directly at [email protected]

    • DSB

      What concerns me is that your main selling point is that you made it work in NYC, not that the beer is right. Anyone who knows both markets knows better than to compare them. Everywhere that people talk about beer in this city, they are not having a conversation about your festival. I don’t say that to be a dick, rather than to help you understand this market. Trying to sell us something be caused it worked in NYC won’t work 9 out of 10 times.

      • Anonymous

        On the other hand, that the mere mention in one person’s quote that they put on a similar festival in NYC sets you off makes you (and us other DC-ites by extension) seem fairly insecure and defensive. Chill.


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