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DC Bike Party’s Rock n’ Roll Ride – Jan. 8th

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2014 at 5:00 pm 46 Comments

From a press release:

“DC Bike Party’s Rock n’ Roll Ride is coming soon! On January 8th, the party ride which averages between 500-700 participants each month, will ride through Washington, DC with celebrating the birthdays of rock legends David Bowie and Elvis Presley with a Rock n’ Roll themed ride. Riders are encouraged to add songs to the DC Bike Party collaborative playlist to hear their favorite tracks through our mobile jukebox, Sound Bike DC.

The group, departing from Dupont Circle, will set out to complete an approximately 7-mile ride, visiting some of the city’s major landmarks and attractions with a pit stop at Malcom X Park before ending with a celebration at Black Whiskey on 14th Street. DC Bike Party participants will be treated to a free live show by local favorites, The Megaphone Barons!

A map of the complete route will be available at DCBikeParty.com 24 hours before the ride. Riders are welcome to join or depart the group at any point—many riders use Capital Bikeshare.

Everyone is welcome to attend or participate. RSVP on Facebook using this link. Specifics below:

WHAT: DC Bike Party’s Rock n’ Roll Ride: Bowie vs. Elvis
WHERE: Departs from the middle of Dupont Circle
WHEN: Wednesday, January 8th
Meet at 7:30 P.M.; Depart promptly at 8:00″

  • Anony

    Ughh, please STOP promoting this careless event that causes more friction between cars and cyclists due to the reckless behavior that is encouraged by the event leaders.

    • Manamana


    • event leader

      specifically, who are you referring to when you say “event leaders”?

      • urbanengineer

        I’m not sure what reckless behavior or which event leaders the above Anony is referring to. In the past some of their routes weren’t planned that well and resulted in reckless behavior which you could blame on the event leaders but for the most part the event leaders promote safe and courteous riding and those who ride recklessly they wish were not a part of the group.

        The biggest issue of contention is their practice of corking the intersections. Blocking the intersection to ensure their entire group is able to make it through even though the light has turned red seems illegal but I wouldn’t say it’s reckless. I have never rode with them so I can’t really say if they do it safely all the time but from the videos I’ve seen it looks like they have ride marshals at the intersections blocking all other traffic, providing a clear indicator of the group’s intention to go through the light. It looks pretty safe. Now whether or not it’s legal is questionable. I would think it’s blatantly illegal, but they had MPD ride with them last time. If those who enforce the law are out there with them, clearly it’s already been brought to their attention and they’re ok with it.

    • Ughh, please STOP making false statements about something which you clearly haven’t done or even witnessed.

      The event leaders discourage reckless behavior. Not everyone listens, it’s true, and those few bad actors are frustrating and harm the overall event. But the vast majority of the riders ride responsibly, following instructions of MPD and the event leaders.

      It’s a fun event for two hours once a month… really, it’s such a big impact on the city? Those who anonymously whine because they wait a couple minutes at an intersection should take a deep breath and relax. People need to lighten up… and more effectively focus on DC’s real problems (hint: DC Bike Party ain’t one of ’em).

      • Anony

        For the record I HAVE done DC Bike Party and that is why I wrote my statement

        • Fair enough, my mistake. So my follow-up question is: Do you really feel that the organizers encourage reckless behavior?

          Last ride I joined (a couple months ago) everyone was instructed to wait at red lights, especially down by The Mall. We also had to stay on the right side of the double-yellow line, and in a single lane when possible. Some didn’t follow those instructions, but most did.

          I feel like it’s a “herding cats” scenario for the organizers… but for the most part, participants are there for a relaxed, social ride around our city once a month, not to get all hard-core and zoom around.

          • please

            Their website has a “maifesto” calling peds and motorists “douchebags”. Setting a conflictual instead of a cooperative tone on their own website is indeed irresponsible on the part of the organizers. Agree they cannot control the actions of those who choose to ignore instructions, but being adversarial from the start towards those with whom they share the road does not help.

  • Anonymous

    bikes and whisky, what could go wrong?

    • Anon

      What about ENDING at Black Whiskey is confusing to you?

      • Anonymous

        Ohhhh…my bad. I didn’t realize all those responsible riders were going to leave their bikes at Black Whiskey overnight and return in the morning to pick their bikes up and cycle home. Thanks for clarifying.

        • Anon

          You think no one ever drives a car after a drink or two? How exactly is this different?

        • Anonymous

          Lighten up, Francis.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. This event epitomizes everything that is wrong with the reckless and entitled subset of the DC cycling community (of which the participants/promoters are a very small portion). I’ve participated in the ride in the past, but it seems to attract only the whiniest and most entitled of DC’s bikers. They ride recklessly and with complete disregard for traffic laws, endangering other cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians.

    • Anon

      Completely disagree. I think that they do a very admirable job encouraging proper behavior from participants and in conjunction with the MPD. Sometimes the volume of the ride creates a bit of a logjam, but that’s to be expected of any major public event.

      • Anon2

        I assume by “logjam” you mean ongoing traffic violation? I was stuck at an intersection for three changes of a light during the summer “toga ride” as hundreds of cyclists blew threw red lights like they were exempt from traffic laws because they were part of the ride. It only cost me a few minutes on my walk, but it could have cost any of those cyclists their lives.

        • Anon

          Oh, loosen up. Have a drink or something.

      • anony

        I participated in this once and am embarrassed I did and for how ridiculous and unsafe people act. No I’m not old or uptight, it is just a reality of the event.

  • caphillriverfront

    You have to have a permit to do anything in this town, yet this is permitted to go on without one…at least it isn’t happening during rush hour!

    • kken

      I believe they have permits. At the very least, they have cooperation with the MPD who have assisted the last three rides which I’ve attended.

  • anonymous

    Ain’t no party like a DC Bike Party because a DC Bike party don’t stop…

    For stop signs or red lights

    • That Man A

      Haha that was pretty good

      but seesh really yaul?
      so they stop some traffic, get over yourselves lol

      yauls head must explode any time you get caught in obamas bregade huh
      or there is a parade
      or a marathon

      yea i get it, it may not be THE SAFEST with all those bikes but it isnt as wild as it seems from this post

      • Meg

        This guy right here has the right answer. Why should anyone be upset to be inconvenienced some people having fun? We should all be honored. Why should they be so inconvenienced by following the law?

        Got no dog in this fight, but wanted to point out the folly of this argument.

  • Badforbikers

    Seriously, you are doing the district a huge disfavor by promoting these people. YouTube is filled with videos of them blowing red light after red light, bikeing in the wrong side of the street, aggressively dodging pedestrians and generally being the typical DC cyclist we all have to deal with on a daily basis. WABA should do itself a favor and actively distance themselves from them.

  • The worst

    Just…the worst.

    Gives real cyclists a bad name.

    • That Man A

      how do you differentiate the real form the… fake? I guess

    • kken

      Yeah I’d like to know what defines a “real” cyclist.

    • Your self-chosen name is appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    From what I can tell, the red light running, stop sign ignoring is just called everyday in Bloomingdale and Columnbia Heights. Except for the mass, how is this behavior different from the norm?

  • betterthanyou

    this event is such a drop in the ocean. some people generally ride like dicks. some don’t. this ride just gets people together. wah wah wah

    and i’m right. know why? cuz I am so much faster than all of you fat haters. I could ride a huffy any distance and still beat you losers on your tour de mid-life-crisis bikes. chill out and go try to get faster.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha, this was great. Especially “Tour de Mid-Life Crisis” – we all know one of these people.

      • Anonymous

        i’m one of those people.
        and loving it.

    • Unhuh

      Congratulations on outting yourself as the biggest self obsessed child of the day and further confirming the typical biker attitude in this town.

    • anony

      Ya, you’re not an entitled child.

  • Anonymous

    Shame they can’t do it Monday evening, when the temps drop to near zero. Even so, I hope they all wear bicycle pants and freeze their entitled rear ends…..and then their frozen butts get stuck to their bicycle seats.

  • Naming

    I just wish they’d call the park by its original/official name–Meridian Hill.

    • Anonymous

      Oh the inequity!

    • Anonymous

      Why, pray tell?

  • kken

    I like this ride, it’s fun. And yes, there’s a very small subset within that group that are a bit too reckless for my taste. But for the most part, everyone is generally responsible. We ride at a slow pace and when we are running red lights, it’s because a ride marshal has gone on ahead and stopped cross traffic, often with MPD assistance as well. When the group is too large, a section will stop at a light… but don’t make it out to be some Critical Mass hell bent for destruction type of ride.

    I won’t be going to this month’s because it will be 15 degrees that night but it always fascinates me how the haters come out whenever something about this group is posted. What makes a “real” cyclist? The amount of lycra one wears? What amazes me is the amount of cyclists I see out there after dark that do not have lights on their rides, front or rear. To me, that’s more of a danger than a group ride like this and a light costs all of $8 off of ebay. And commuters from VA/MD can be just as if not more so “entitled” than those who just want to have fun. I’ve seen commuters scream at pedestrians to get out of the way on the CCT and C&O.

    I’m new to cycling having started in July. The amount of haterade toward and within the cycling community is pretty shocking, especially the internal drama. The way I look at it, if you’re on two wheels and are riding, regardless of form or function, good on ya son.

    • Manamana

      True, these events obviously irritate the hell out of some people, and maybe it’s a little disproportionate. I’d cite a few reasons people find these events so irritating: (1) they’re merely joy rides, and they occur frequently. Usually when traffic is shut down it’s for a more worthy cause than a bunch of people out on a mass joy ride; Yes, the participants may be having a nice time, but that doesn’t seem to justify the inconvenience to everyone else. (2) they seem designed as a big, strength-in-numbers middle finger to automobile and pedestrian traffic (and maybe that’s now how most participants view them, but that’s how most inconvenienced drivers & pedestrians view them). And (3) there’s the well documented reckless behavior engaged in by some of the participants. Personally, I try to be courteous to fellow travelers whether I’m on my bike, in my car, or on foot.

      • kken

        Maybe because I’ve only been on the cold weather rides so the groups have been much smaller, but I don’t participate as a “eff you” to the pedestrian/car crowd. I do them because they’re kooky and it’s fun to ride in a group. Again, as a smaller group, people either walking or driving are hardly inconvenienced for more than 2 minutes. Two minutes out of a lifetime, cmon. But I can see in the summer months when there’s probably more than 500+ riders that it can be a hassle.

        That said, projecting all the negativity people perceive against “ahole bikers” on this one group is hardly unfair. I too ride courteously and follow the laws as if I’m a car. I see plenty of other bikers apart from this group blow through stop lights/signs (I do stop) and are aggressive against pedestrians as well. As an “outsider” who isn’t affiliated with any group, I have also seen haterade behavior by WABA-supporting cyclists.

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Whoa….easy there buddy. I posted a comment above that was critical of the ride and it’s complete disrespect for traffic laws, but please don’t include me in your “we’d all like to hear from you” crew.

      I think it is perfectly acceptable for PoP to publicize (not promote) this event, as clearly there are a lot of readers who would be interested. If this was TL:DR….suffice to say, chill.

    • A Nun You Must

      “This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing. ”

      Says that right under the video. DId you think twice before sharing?

      Sure, that guy was a nut for trying to bust across the intersection with traffic coming from two directions, but does he represent everybody in mass bike rides? Nah, just the kind of cat that probably doesn’t look both ways when he’s walking, either.

    • Anonymous

      that’s hilarious

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    I saw this bike gaggle knock over a pedestrian at 14th and P street last year. The pedestrian had a crosswalk light and the bikers had a red light, that at least 50 of them ignored. They started shouting at the pedestrian who tried to cross anyways and one of the bikers shoulder-checked the person to the ground. I didn’t see a single biker 1) obey the traffic light 2) object to the treatment of the pedestrian or 3) help the person back up.


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