• kken

    Well… at least we ain’t in Bastogne.

  • wylie coyote

    I wouldn’t advise bringing a ten month old out into the elements today, if you can possibly avoid it. Heck, I wouldn’t advise an adult to go outside if they had any choice in the matter.

    • It’s not like we stopped in the park for a picnic. hahaha – she’s tougher than you too!

    • Brrrrr
    • gotryit

      Then don’t. I’ll enjoy the time outside with my kids – well dressed, of course.

      • Anonymous

        There’s nothing cuter than babies all bundled up. Especially in those bunting bags where just their little faces stick out. I’m not really a kid person, but that just kills me.

    • Anonymous

      Give me a break. People go out all the time in weather like this in the northern parts of the country. I’ve skied in colder temps in Vermont many times. Is it cold, yes. Do people need to hibernate, no.

      • Anonymous Coward

        People in the UP and Vermont have the knowledge and experience to deal properly with this weather. I know you aren’t so naive to think that experience doesn’t matter.

        • Anonymous

          Here is all the “knowledge” you need to know: dress warm, wear layers. Pretty much common sense…

    • Anonymous

      Well dressed and they’ll be fine. How do you think Canadian kids survive?

  • Anonymous

    LOL! I took that screenshot myself this morning, with the same temperatures.

  • Was she humming “100 luftbaloons?”

    • hahaha not yet – but she loves Harry Belafonte!!

    • Craig

      Do you mean “99 Luftballons”?

      I remember memorizing that in German class for fun. Then again, I’m old enough that that’s what was popular at the time. :D

  • John B.

    At 8 am my thermometer said 5.2 degrees in my back yard in Mt. Pleasant.

  • Anonymous

    Mom was right: one day I would, indeed, wish that I had bought a full length down coat that would cover my whatchacallem instead of just a shorter jacket. And today is that day.


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