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Update on Takoma Central Construction

by Prince Of Petworth December 12, 2013 at 4:00 pm 22 Comments

235 Carroll Street, NW

Construction started almost exactly a year ago on Takoma Central:

“These brand new apartments are conveniently located amongst the independent shops and restaurants of Takoma Park and minutes away from the bustling shopping and dining destination of downtown Silver Spring, MD. The building is tailored to complement the unique architecture of the neighborhood, with a five-story Victorian-style warehouse design connected by a glass “hyphen” to a contemporary, four-story brick and stone building in the Art Deco style.”

This is the same building where a Busboys and Poets is coming.


  • Carol

    little boxes made out of ticky tacky

    • Dobs

      Are you describing the gifts you’re giving out this christmas? Based on the renders I think it’s quite an attractive and long overdue development.

      • pvjdp

        Carol was describing the Pete Seeger song “Little Boxes”. There’s a blue one, and a pink one…… and they all look just the same.

        • KenyonDweller

          Except that the song was written by Malvina Reynolds.

  • Luke

    Any idea when they are supposed to be finished?

  • alpinepaq

    God these buildings are cookie cutter. Take a look at the POP post from earlier today about the (former) Stinky Safeway. The two buildings might as well be identical. Ooooooh, look – a curved corner part!

    • anon

      I know, right – both structures are made out of wood! Oh the humanity! Granted, they won’t look anything alike after finished (not that they look alike now, either), but who cares!

    • Anonymous

      They actually look pretty different to me other than the fact that they both have retail on the bottom and a curved corner. I think Takoma Central seems like it’s going to look a lot nicer than the Petworth Swift Safeway when finished.

    • spookiness

      because all those row houses in the District are so unique and distinctive.

    • Anonymous

      what’s your preference?

  • anon

    Sucks this lot isn’t on the MoCo side of the line – the builder would have been forced to bury those ugly power lines. Boo DC.

    • spookiness

      Which might be why they chose not to build in MoCo.

      • JoeEsq74

        They could still bury the lines. They buried the lines after bricking facade and adding new curbing @ Monroe Street Market.

    • TakomaNick

      No, it’s a good thing that it’s not in Maryland. The Montgomery County liquor laws would make it hard for a liquor store to ever go in there. There’s only one liquor store in the are and they charge noticeable more than anyone else. I also get the sense that Takoma Park has even more NIMBYs than Takoma DC. The councilman on the Maryland side, Seth Grimes, has already tried to limit the hours that the Busboys and Poets can serve alcohol. I’m happy he has no say.

      • GM

        Seth Grimes is the king of the NIMBYs. Given his way I’m pretty sure he’d block off all the roads leading in and out of Takoma Park MD.

  • um

    Do ya think there will be any soundproofing? Apparently that is not required in new DC condos #FML

    • Anonymous

      what does this have to do with your life?

      • TakomaNick

        I share UM’s concern. Sound is a major issue in new condo buildings. Hopefully they put in some insulation between units and use something like QuietRock. You don’t want low quality construction in your neighborhood because it won’t be able to retain responsible tenants. It can actually drag down a neighborhood. The building codes should require more soundproofing.

  • Anonymous

    Hi um,
    Actually there is a requirement to provide sound attenuation between units in all multifamily construction in DC, whether condo or rental. Demising partitions and floor ceiling assemblies must have a STC (sound transmission class) rating of at least 50 and an IIC (impact isolation class) of at least 50. These are code minimums and may not be acceptable to residents. Unfortunately when building codes specify minimum performance standards, it is the minimum acceptable performance that is typically delivered.

    Code enforcement is also an issue. We routinely see buildings that don’t even meet the minimum performance standards in the building codes for sound, energy and even weather resistant construction.

  • Sara

    Anyone know if these are going to be rentals or for buying?


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