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Takoma Park Just Got an Awesome New Spot – Check Out Jeff Black’s Republic Opening Up Sunday

by Prince Of Petworth December 6, 2013 at 10:30 am 37 Comments

6937-6939 Laurel Ave

Holy cow this spot turned out nice. Jeff Black’s [owner of Pearl Dive and Black Jack among many others] new spot, Republic, at 6937-6939 Laurel Ave not far from the Takoma metro is opening Sunday. Last night they had a preview opening and you can see Republic was well worth the wait. A huge score for Takoma and Takoma Park. Have a look:


Lots more photos after the jump.








back patio

old video store sign – working!

partial cocktail list

Fascist killer



  • Ekington Chick

    Maybe it looks better in person (because I usually trust PoP in these things) but looking at the photos I have to admit that I don’t particularly care for the design. I’m not sure what it is about it but the place looks odd.

    • Anonymous

      what a nice sentiment

      • Anonymous

        I know, God forbid, anybody expresses their opinion or disagrees with yours.

  • Anonymous

    Wow – I would trek all the way out to Takoma park just to have comfortable seats in a bar & restaurant! Especially now that my previously favorite neighborhood place – The Heights – has the most uncomfortable bar stools in the city.

    • anon

      I’m not sure which is odder – claiming Takoma is “way out” there or saying comfortable seats is the most important thing about a bar/restaurant.

      • Anonymous

        When I can walk three blocks or less to over a dozen good bars and restaurants in Columbia Heights and take a 3 min. Circulator or Metro ride to about 100 more, Takoma Park is indeed “way out there.” And why do you object to comfortable seats?

        • anon

          “or Metro ride to about 100 more”

          …you mean to places like Takoma, which is a whooping 3 metro stations away? About the furthest thing from “out there” one could imagine? This is the weirdest argument I’ve ever been in.

        • anon

          And I obviously don’t have anything against comfortable seats. That’s just a supremely odd thing to cite as the most important thing about a restaurant or bar.

  • Anonymous

    looks great!

  • Anonymous

    I think its cool they took some modest design risks with the wall coverings and fabrics. This place has its own character and doesn’t look like another Hilton brothers bar clone. I’m excited for this welcome addition to the neighborhood.

  • Sally Avarez

    Is this really in Takoma? When is the opening?! Love this space – it is just what my neighborhood needs. Oh, and I neeeed that Fascist Killer cocktail ;)

  • zoe

    I was there last night and I must say what an amazing place. Such character ! LOVE LOVE LOVE
    food was amazing ! so happy they are in Takoma Park!

  • zenalex

    Place looks great! But still not enough to drag me to Takoma Park.

    • tkpk

      Good. More oysters for the rest of us!

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. Sorry, not every restaurant in Takoma has to be uber kid friendly. There are other things on the menu other than oysters.

        I know I’m excited about a restaurant open past 10pm on a weekend and one that can probably make orders for basic food items.

        My boyfriend and I tried getting food at 9:30pm on a Saturday in Takoma Park recently (we live near the metro). We first tried Cedar Crossing, which is normally reliable. The new bartender took 10 minutes to acknowledge us and then another 10 to come back and get our order – and then they were out of most of the wines on the menu and all menu items containing chicken. It wouldn’t be a problem, but due to food allergies, those are the only entrees I can eat on their menu. If she had been a little more together, we could have saved 20 minutes. We hauled up the street to get to Roscoe’s before 10pm and they were nice enough to serve us in the last 5 minutes (we apologized and tipped heavily – I hate being that person who comes in as they are trying to go home). I am SO excited about being able to get good food and a decent drink close to home and in a new place in Takoma Park.

        I have high hopes for the service too. Black has strong service at all of his places. I love Takoma restaurants – they are wonderful at accommodating food allergies, for instance – but it’s not known for the high quality of service or timeliness (we’re not talking speed – I’m talking not waiting 10 minutes to get silverware after waiting 30 minutes for food on a slow night).

    • anon

      What’s wrong with Takoma Park? Not stabby enough for you?

      • unitblockdc

        you know that sentiment like “h street is so far away”? i bet it’s like that.

  • TakomaNick

    I walked past this last night. If this were on 14th St or in Columbia Heights then it wouldn’t be a significant development. However, it’s very significant for Takoma DC/PK. The neighborhood has diners and bistros but nothing upscale and no nice bars. While Republic seems out of place right now it’s a sign of what many of us hope the neighborhood becomes.

    • Anonymous

      Cool stuff. As someone who lives on U Street right now but will buying in a year or two, it’s something to keep in mind.

  • baz

    Like Republic-an??
    my buddy Joe Englert always told me…” Republicans like Brass and Wood. !”
    and in Hippie central (tacky park)!!

    • brightwoodian

      Happy hour come a little early for you today?

    • Anonymous

      “Republic” like “The People’s Republic of Takoma Park.”

      • unitblockdc

        people say “the people’s republic of _____” about everything these days.

  • Dave

    I live in Takoma Park, and while it certainly needs more nice places to go eat, I’m not sure how far an oyster bar can get in this town full of families with little kids. Oysters themselves are an acquired taste (I ordered them once, because I was being “hip.” Felt like slime down my throat.) and it seems an odd idea for the neighborhood. I’m not sure there’s enough local interest in that corner of the foodie world. If the place acts like a bar most of the time, it could do OK. I have NO idea how the Man in Black fits in.

    • DF

      Bitter than Video Americain is no more?
      You got a Busboys and Poets right across the street and Mark’s Kitchen. Kids can eat there.

      • anon3

        can anyone remind me what busboys is charging for their peanut butter sandwich? I recall feeling pretty ripped off after ordering one a few years ago. if I had kids, I don’t think I could afford to take them anywhere….

      • Dave

        Me bitter about an obsolete rental store? One that I never entered in my almost 4 years in TkPk? In a post about restaurants, how in the world did you make the stretch to troll that one up?

        As for Mark’s Kitchen, the food is best when it’s taken out.

        B&P? Let’s just say they failed to impress me the first 3 (and since, only) times I went there when they first opened on 14th St. A restaurant needs 2 out of 3 things for me to come back: good food, good service, good ambience. On all three trips they certainly didn’t have good food, nor good service. So, it’s just ambience, which means it’s a place for people to “be” rather than “go.” Not my kind of place.

        • unitblockdc

          i feel bad for you.

          • Dave

            Thanks for the no-context reply.

    • Anonymous

      When I posted about Oyster Riot a few weeks ago – on RRR – several people responded with stories of how they loved oysters as a kid – I think one was 4 years old – and had to be stopped from eating too many!

      Also – I bet they serve more than oysters! And as discussed many other times, you don’t need a “kid’s menu” to be family friendly. Just order a regular meal and share some with your child. Any restaurant will also be able – and should be willing (during early non-busy hours) – to serve you a kid-version of things they have on the menu – i.e. a bowl of plain rice or pasta with butter or a plain grilled piece of chicken.

      • Dave

        Understood! But, judging by the concept and decor, Republic is certainly not catering towards families, which is fine in itself. I’d say the ambiance leans towards “swank,” if that makes any sense. So as I said originally, I’m just not sure there’s enough of a base in this family-heavy city to sustain such a niche. It would almost certainly HAVE to pull in people from elsewhere for long-term success. That may very well be what they’re banking on. I just don’t see TP as a destination, at least yet. I can see B&P drawing in the hipsters like moths to the electric zapper, and that might help.

  • Nathan

    Wow!! LOVE the decor.

  • Amanda

    Any idea what time they open tonight?

  • Anonymous

    We went last night. Wonderful addition to the neighborhood! The menu is awesome, pretty long for a new place. The food was great (and the desserts were really yummy, especially the homemade ice cream and the ganache). Very pretty, inventive decor. The hand mirrors in the ladies bathroom and Johnny sign in the “Anyone” bathroom were a nice touch (and so Takoma).

    The service was outstanding. The bartenders were friendly, quick, and knowledgable. Food came out quickly and the manager (Brett) was very accommodating. I had the Primitive American: strong, tasty, and not overwhelming with gin. (I’m not a fan of gin – but like it when there’s another liquor in the cocktail, like bourbon.)

    We’ll be back. This is one of those places that people will go to Takoma to visit. And I can’t wait to have brunch on their patio in summer!

  • Boogknight

    Since when are parents obligated to be attached to kids 100% of the time? Christ, a nice place out not too far from where I live in Brightwood is a god send. I can park nearby, and only need to pay for a couple of hours of babysitter.
    It is never a bad thing to have a high quality restaurant in your area.


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