Reminder – Soberride Runs Through New Years

by Prince Of Petworth December 30, 2013 at 10:01 pm 0


From an email:

“The Ball will drop this New Years Eve, but don’t drop the ball when it comes to safety.

If you partake in a bit too much bubbly when you ring in the new year, stay safe and call SoberRide!

Together with the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) SoberRide initiative, AT&T is proud to provide free taxi rides (up to $30) to anyone over 21 in the greater Washington, DC area nightly from 10pm until 6am through New Year’s Day.

AT&T customers can call #WRAP to get a safe, free ride home, while others can dial 800-200-8294 (TAXI).”

The Post’s Fritz Hahn notes:

Now, SoberRide is not perfect. I’ve called before and had cabs not show up. I’ve had cabs show up 30 to 45 minutes after they were promised, while I stood on a corner and waited. (This seems to happen most on Saturday nights.) Honestly, if it’s cold and/or snowing, I’d probably suck it up and get a regular taxi. But I’ve also had nights where the cabs showed up with no problems at all. Either way, it’s better than getting a DUI or being involved in an accident.


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