SoberRide Free Taxis from 10pm until 6am starting this Friday through New Year’s Day

by Prince Of Petworth December 12, 2013 at 3:15 pm 8 Comments


From an email:

“If you are trying to fight off the winter chill with a chilled beverage of your own and partake in a bit too much “mystery punch” or adult eggnog over the Holiday season, stay safe and call SoberRide!

Together with the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) SoberRide initiative, AT&T is proud to provide free taxi rides (up to $30) to anyone over 21 in the greater Washington, DC area nightly from 10pm until 6am starting Friday, December 13th, through New Year’s Day.

AT&T customers can call #WRAP to get a safe, free ride home, while others can dial 800-200-8294 (TAXI).”

  • anon

    i’ve never actually taken a ride with Sober Ride. oh, sure, i’ve called them lots of times over the years. and they NEVER show up. it’s a scam, right??

    • sam-g

      I got one last year during the same time-frame these were covered. on the earlier side between 10-11pm after holiday party. As with any dispatch service (don’t think uber with GPS triangulation and assignment with closest driver), you’ll need 15-20 minutes lead time to get a cab to be sent over. Mine came in a little under 15 in petworth. I think if you try to dispatch a cab on NYE through this service, it won’t give any priority over regular dispatch and they might not have any available. Hailing a cab sometimes might result in faster service but you wont get the free ride.. how it goes…

  • LH

    Has anyone ever actually succeeded at getting one of these? Because I’ve never heard of a case.

    • anon3

      I got one about 4 years ago. it’s the only time I’ve tried. I think this service causes people to get drunker and stupider than they would otherwise. Does it save lives? I dunno.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve tried this 4 times. Never showed up.

  • eric

    So if you are under 21, I guess you will have to drive.

    • Trinidaddy

      they dont check ID

  • That MAn A

    Good Luck lol


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