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  • Jake

    “Look at that, Apu. It’s not every day you see a horse with two rear ends!”

    • Anonymous

      Abu, but I like where your head is at.

  • caballero

    Son, it’s time that I tell you about a man named Albert Hofmann.

    • anon


  • gotryit

    PoPville’s first ever double-horse’s ass award.

    • textdoc

      I like this one.

      • MP

        Me too!

  • Steve

    DC police get creative in their efforts to block the bike lanes.

  • czw

    “Four legs good, two wheels bad!”

    • Chops


  • Anonymous

    does this cop make my ass look big?
    can we just talk about horseshoes?

  • GoPetworthGo

    “What? You thought we’d use the road? NAY!”

  • GoPetworthGo

    Side note: can anyone tell me how to make the colors on photos pop like that? I’ve seen this before but can never figure it out!

    • anon

      looks like the cartoon setting on the galaxy phone

    • Anonymous

      First you need to obtain your DC Realtors license. Then, for some reason, these will be the only type of photos you can take.

      • Anonymous

        Actual LOL!

      • Anonymous


    • dsb

      It’s called HDR (High-dynamic-range imaging). When used delicately, it can help an image bring out bland areas of an image – this happens about 1% of the time and the rest look like rainbow sprinkle vomit.

  • overonhst

    “…and this, son, is what happens when you play with Photoshop.”

  • amber

    Horses and cyclists should stop for pedestrians, and cyclists (& foxes) should avoid steaming manure…in addition to bad drivers, pot holes and all other DC hazards.

  • Ron


  • Noah

    Give me and H!
    Give me a D!
    Give me an R!
    What’s that spell? FILTER!

    • Anonymous


  • PG

    Seen on a bumper sticker: “My other bike is a horse.”

  • DCChillyman

    Needing fertilizer for thier garden, the cyclists wait anxiously with a hello kitty bag in hand.

    • wylie coyote


  • Sophie

    Sally realized that Santa had duped her and it WAS possible to get a pony even if you lived in the city. This year’s letter was going to have some strong words for him on just giving her a bike instead…

  • DSB

    Not even HDR can make a horse’s ass look good.

    • justsayin

      This one!

  • If that’s a bike, I’ll be a horse’s ass.

  • G. Willikers

    Baby’s first acid trip.

  • CAS

    DC’s growing, grassroots campaign for a “horse lane” is getting stronger by the day.

  • russellupton

    “I hate Instagram.” “I hate being ridden.” “Shut up Nessie.”

  • Chris

    “Yeah, this should work. Can you see Carl on the other side? Is he ready? Hand me my lance and shield. Let the 15th street jousting tourney begin!”

  • Roger

    “Hey! No horsing around on the bike lanes!”

  • chln

    The newest nomination for the Horse’s Ass Award!

  • LittleMillet

    Keeping watch over the NEIGHborhood!

  • andy2

    Quit your equining, we’ll ride in the bike lane if we want to

  • A

    “Those kids with their bikes think they are so hip, my horse is so much less mainstream.”

  • TG

    Not a caption but I absolutely love the color of this photo. Was it enhanced in any way?

    • TG

      I see the answer is above.

  • Lance

    Pot holes, parked cars, delivery trucks and now horse shit. Bill and his family had finally had enough of trying to do the right thing for the environment.

  • Wendel

    When green commutes meet brown piles.

  • Bossfan77

    Michael tries to explain to Son about the days they could go plumbing without all these horses in the road!

  • thomashailu

    REUNITED, AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! (Peaches and Herb playing in the background)

  • Anonymous

    Bigger horse’s ass:

    A) light horse
    B) Dark horse
    C) Wrong way biker with cavalier attitude toward child safety
    D) Who cares, what’s the filter?

  • Richard

    Yup, that’s Jim and Joe, the Brokeback officers

  • Anon-E-Mouse

    Gives new meaning to the term “double wide”

  • hispanicandproud

    Michael and Son do a slow drive-by in anticipation that the horses cause some major gutter clogging.

  • Veronika

    Old school bikes don’t count… stay in your lane!

  • ratticusfinch

    HHOV Lane.


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