More Info on New Restaurant, Silo, Coming to Mt. Vernon Square

by Prince Of Petworth December 4, 2013 at 12:30 pm 8 Comments

917 5th Street, NW

Back in Dec. 2012 we first heard about a new restaurant at that time called Success coming to 917 5th St, NW just south of K Street:

“New full service restaurant focusing on local farm ingredients and organic and seasonal ingredients with full bar. Occasional live music. Occupancy load is 130.”

Yesterday the Washington Post updates:

“The name, [Silo] says the former general manager of Shaw’s Tavern [Reza Akhavan], is a nod both to the industrial interior he’s created and the facility used to store grain. Akhavan’s 60-seat dining room near Mount Vernon Square will be “modern American with Swiss and French influences.”

Stand by for a late December opening according to the Post.

  • Anonymous

    let’s all hope that he’s learned a few lessons about how to get proper permits…

    • Reza

      Hi there,

      I’m the owner of Silo and wanted to let you know that I was the Manager at Shaw’s Tavern when they opened and had nothing to do with their licensing which is solely related to the owners of each restaurant.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the correction!

  • Nathan

    So this restaurant will be next door to the nude stripper club; weird I guess, but that totally makes me lose my appetite for a meal. Even funnier is the stripper club has a sign on its building looking for a restaurant to occupy the first two floors with the nude girls on the third.
    I don’t know why but nude strippers and food just weird me out.

    • Jessica

      UGH – I really wish that place hadn’t opened. Even worse is their sign that reads, “Lunch with a view” or whatever. GROSS. Way to ruin a cool city block, guys.

      • Anonymous

        you wish which place hadn’t opened? louis the rogue? it’s been open for decades.
        this whole block used to be far skeevier than Louis’.
        lots of women paid their way through college working at the rogue.

        • Nathan

          Hey Anonymous- It was called Louis Rogue and is closed. In its place is Cloakroom. Same concept, different owners, that bought the nude license.

  • Anonymous

    well, hopefully this and another few nice places with disapproving folks wandering around might push the strip club to find another home.


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