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Looks Like Snap is Officially Finished in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth December 16, 2013 at 4:00 pm 24 Comments

2475 18th Street, NW

We’ve been on Snap death watch in Adams Morgan since January 2011. A reader sends word:

“Looks like Snap in Adams Morgan (next to Federal) might actually be closed for good (not just it’s typical never open mode). Nothing in the refrigerated cases, pictures down off the walls, tables stacked up.”

And the mail is starting to pile up:


  • Anonymous

    On the one hand: I’m glad to see poor performers bite the dust – especially on this strip. On the other hand: poor Adams Morgan. Hopfully the new developments at the old gas station and old movie theater can inject a bit of needed vitality into the area. I hope Donburi is doing well. And the new Reef sounds promising.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like Adams Morgan has really entered a decline or at least has failed to go upmarket with the rest of the city. Whenever I am there outside of Thursday-Saturday night it always seems so dead. The rise of 14th street, Gallery Place/Penn Quarter, H Street, Barracks Row and increasingly Shaw and Navy Yard has taken some of the luster away from the old DC prime neighborhoods: Georgetown, Dupont and Adams Morgan.

    A steadily growing and ever wealthier population has created a bigger market, but the explosive growth in eating/drinking establishments has vastly exceeded the city’s relativity slow and steady population and income growth.

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully this can become a good thing for Adams Morgan, as the market will (hopefully) re-align to this new reality. The neighborhood will be a much nicer place if the 18th street strip can transition away from being a bar zone to something more mixed, with better retail options. Hopefully the new residential units will help prove demand for the types of stores that closed over the past 5 years: hardware, shoe stores, etc. A good bakery would seemingly do well in AM. People lamenting the closure of Cowgirl Creamery…seems like this hood could have suited them (if the prices could come down).

      • textdoc

        Adams Morgan is pretty densely populated as it is. I don’t think the closing of the hardware store(s?) and Payless had anything to do with the population numbers.

      • AMDCer

        Sugar Daddy’s bakery is opening soon – next door to Wise Owl Club barber. However, I think it’s mostly pastries and cakes. It would be nice to have a good bread bakery in the neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t say it has declined. There are fewer crap bars. In the 4 years I’ve lived in the area, the following have opened:

      Carriage House
      Smoke & Barrel
      Jack Rose
      Mellow Mushroom

      And there are the old stand-bys:

      The Diner
      Amsterdam Falafel
      Madams Organ

      That’s just on 18th St and ignoring Columbia Road, which also has a few good places (cashion’s, mintwood, perrys).

      Yep, it isn’t super lively during the week, but it still has a lot to offer. I prefer it over U St these days. Not as crazy and

      • c

        agreed. in the past 5 years or so, adams morgan has gotten better, not worse.

      • Identified

        Not disagreeing with you, but your old standbys are still new to me (as none are older than 10 years, Madams being new at that location.)

        And S&B, while new for the food provided, was awesome when it was Asylum. Good food, miss it sometimes.

        • Anonymous

          madams organ has been at that location for a good long time though. at least 10 years now, right?
          tryst is definitely more than 10 years.

          • textdoc

            Tryst has been there for more than 10 years — I remember doing some studying there after moving to Adams Morgan in early 2002, and it wasn’t brand-new then.
            I wasn’t aware of a location for Madam’s Organ that’s different than its current one — I think it’s been where it is for at least 12 years.

          • saf

            Textdoc – it used to be down at the bottom of the hill, near Florida Avenue.

          • Anonymous

            madams organ was where jack rose is currently. but it was a long ass time ago. back in the 90’s.

          • AMDCer

            Specifically, Madam’s Organ was in what is now the Blaguard. Jack Rose used to be a gym.

        • saf

          Dude, we’re old.

          (I lived in that neighborhood in the late 80s. Sometimes I am still surprised by new places that aren’t so new.)

      • Anonymous


        Adams Morgan has always been more relaxed during the week since it is filled mostly with locals. The “so dead” comment is clearly from someone who has never lived in Adams Morgan.

    • dno

      Yeah, your analysis probably would have been astute 5 years ago and I would have agreed with you then. I think a more up to date and nuanced take is that the neighborhood is on the upswing. The closure of Snap, which offered bad food and odd hours, is a sign of that. So are the much better restaurants replacing the crap.

      • textdoc

        I don’t think a crepes/smoothies/coffee place would have been a bad thing in itself. But it sounds like this particular one was poorly executed.

      • Anonymous

        Retail vacancy is high in AM, and the Columbia strip has been lethargic at best. While some crappy bars have cycled into less crappy bars, the strip is still mostly a single purpose destination: drinking. Places like Mintwood, and to some extent Donburi and Sakuramen, are pulling the strip a little more upmarket, which provides a needed counterweight to stabby/vomit-y bars.
        The bars draw people from around the city and region. The stores – hardware and apparel for example – draw mainly on more local foot traffic. Increased density will both provide a market for these stores and help improve the fundamentals such that the area has a hope of attracting such businesses. The area needs someone to take a risk on it. I’m still pissed that the marquee corner buildings at the top of 18th street house a bank and a FedEx shop. I really would have liked to see a national retailer in there, like a Gap/Urban Outfitters. Something willing to try to anchor the area. So long as AM remains a place for people to binge-drink, the neigborhood retail scene will severely under-serve the immediate residents, who will take their dollars elsewhere to shop. Otherwise known as: leakage.

        • Rich

          Ridiculous location for a Gap. Fedex and bank=things in the neighborhood that people actually use.

          • Anonymous

            Those are good things, great even. But I’m saying it would have been great had a high-profile anchor tenant come into one of those large, beautiful corner buildings. Something to help shift the center of gravity in the area away from booze.

    • Anonymous

      I lol’ed when I read the rise of … Gallery Place

  • hiphopanonymous

    The owner of Federal’s building should buy it and combine to make a bigger space. Both of those spaces are so small and narrow.

  • Anonymous

    Is this the same as the crepes/bubble tea place in Georgetown? I didn’t even know they’d opened a second location.

  • Theo

    Don’t forget Idle Time Books!


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